Tuesday, February 14, 2012

USA media unforgivably misquoted contraception study, In Fact the study claims: Less than +-87% of Catholic women who want to prevent childbirth, use artificial contraception

USA media unforgivably misquoted contraception study, In Fact the study claims: Less than +-87% of USA Catholic women who want to prevent childbirth, use artificial contraception
The Study is restricted to women who purposely don't want to get pregnant, thus at the start excluding families who are open to children generally. It also Notes that 11% of Catholic women don't use any contraception in this restricted study. Yet media simply subtract the Fertility Awareness figure to get the their result!

"First, this survey suffers from what I call the “Nonsmokers smoke Marlboros” problem. At the top of a survey, ask: “Are you a smoker or a nonsmoker?” and lots of people who smoke will self-identify as “nonsmokers.” Later, ask, “What brand of cigarettes do you smoke?” and they will say, “Definitely Marlboro Lights!” Ergo, nonsmokers smoke Marlboros.

The results are even more skewed if you ask people at the top of a survey what religion they are. People who have never darkened the door of a Catholic Church will happily mark “Catholic” on such a survey. The behavior they report will count for or against Catholics the same regardless of their actual contact with Catholicism.

This particular survey even admits that less than a third of its “Catholic” respondents even go to Mass once a week.

So, what do we know from the start: We aren’t dealing with practicing Catholics. In fact, a two-thirds majority of the Catholics in the survey are not eligible to receive communion, according to the U.S. bishops (see page 9), since they skip their Sunday obligation.

McGrew directs us to more problems, in the asterisk at the bottom. There we learn that the survey is: “Restricted to sexually active women who are not pregnant, post-partum, or trying to get pregnant.”

So think of who would be included and excluded from this study:

Included: Unmarried teens and young women who sleep with their boyfriends.
Excluded: Unmarried teens and young women who follow the Church’s teaching on chastity.
Included: Married women who are actively avoiding pregnancy.
Excluded: Married women who are not particularly watching whether they get pregnant or not.
Included: Promiscuous party girls.
Excluded: Nuns.
No wonder so many of them are using contraception! But the funny thing is, even once you include mostly lapsed Catholics and eliminate anyone who might mess up your number, it still isn’t true to say 98% are using contraception.

They got that by subtracting the 2% of NFP users in their chart from the 100% of respondents. But look at the chart. It says 11% are using “no method.” By my math, it should be at least 13% not using contraception.

The most shocking news, though, is that the White House is spreading false information about Catholicism in order to provide cover as it removes religious liberties for Catholic organizations.
White House: Retract this statement and correct the record. Stop misinforming the public about my religion for your purposes."

Catholic Vote USA 'How the White House’s 98% Contraception Figure for Catholics is Wrong' by Tom Hoopes 13th February 2012

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How the White House’s 98% Contraception Figure for Catholics is Wrong | CatholicVote.org -

Monday, February 13, 2012

Niki Minaj Mocks Catholics, fake dates 'pope', mocks exorcism, at the Grammy Awards

Niki Minaj Mocks Catholics at the Grammy Awards
Fake Exorcism, mock date with fake pope, mockery of Catholic beliefs about the existence of the supernatural and of dark forces!

"Minaji sent the blogosphere into overdrive early in the evening when she arrived on the red carpet supposedly channeling her "Roman Zolanski" alter ego. That required a custom-made Atelier Versace outfit consisting of a blood-red, nun-inspired satin robe. Her "date" was an older man dressed to resemble the pope.

The rapper then debuted a new song from her forthcoming album "Roman Reloaded," taking religious symbolism to a whole new level of weirdness. Her "performance" consisted of an onstage exorcism, seemingly on herself, complete with levitations, fire, lighting and gibberish. As a white-hooded, goth-like church choir sang a chilling rendition of "Come All Ye Faithful," Minaj strapped herself to a leather table and was lifted into the air as flames burned beneath.

The mood backstage was a mixture of confusion, embarrassment and offense as the performance dragged on, going deeper and deeper in mocking Catholic faith. In a pre-taped skit which was broadcast before her live showdown, Minaj sang "I Feel Pretty," while putting on lipstick to set the stage for the insanity, and the same priest-figure was brought into her room to find out what was wrong with the "sick child.""

Fox News - Music - ENTERTAINMENT 'Nicki Minaj panned for onstage excorism at Grammys' By Hollie McKay Published February 13, 2012
| FoxNews.com http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2012/02/13/nicki-minaj-panned-for-onstage-self-excorism/#ixzz1mH7nQr3K
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Nicki Minaj panned for onstage excorism at Grammys

So sad! Catholic monks just somewhat sell treasures entrusted to them over the years

(SACNS Europe News; Catholic Watchdog South Africa)

Marc Aupiais  -  17:08  -  Public
So sad! Catholic monks just somewhat sell treasures entrusted to them over the years
Sacred objects and those given and inscribed as gifts to monks at abbey sold like items at a garage sale, when they downgrade premises! The Catholic Herald suggests it may have been better to give them back to donars or find them another home.

"This week’s print edition of The Catholic Herald, in this week’s Charterhouse column, contains a very remarkable article which you will not have seen on this website. It is a stinging critique, by John Gummer (also now confusingly known as Lord Deben), of the actions of the 11 Benedictine monks of Ramsgate Abbey, and in particular of their abbot. The Ramsgate Benedictines have moved into smaller and more manageable premises: and on doing so, they have put up many of their treasures for sale by auction. (For the Herald’s news report, see here.)

“What has shocked many in the Catholic world,” says Lord Deben, was “to put on the secular market the sacred vessels made for the abbey or bequeathed to it by generations of the faithful: chalices used by generations of abbots and inscribed by their donors”:

I went to the viewing to find heartbreaking examples of impiety. Under a table was a cardboard box full of assorted “silver plates and dishes”: the catalogue’s misdescription of patens inscribed in memory of those who loved the abbey and the Faith it had nurtured in them… There were altar candlesticks with the Benedictine insignia, monstrances and reliquaries, incense boats and cruets, higgledy piggledy with games trophies, sports cups and school shields.

Yet most outrageous of all were the chalices and patens. A recusant cup… was pushed in on a shelf of holy vessels displayed as if they were of no more account than a range of golf club tankards. Yet once they had held the blood of the Lamb. Given by the faithful, taken by their shepherds, now left to be bought by whoever, for whatever.
“If the monks felt that they no longer needed what they had been given,” Lord Deben concludes, “they should have given [it] where it could be used and valued”. There is frankly not much more to be said; and many will share his anger and disgust."

The Catholic Herald COMMENT & BLOGS "The monks of Ramsgate have shockingly put on the secular market sacred vessels given by generations of the faithful" 'I believe this is one example of a failure of witness to the faith by today’s religious' By WILLIAM ODDIE on Monday, 13 February 2012
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This week's print edition of The Catholic Herald, in this week's Charterhouse column, contains a very remarkable article which you will not have seen on this website. It is a stinging critique...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

USA Democrat (House Minority Leader) calls persecuting Catholics a 'Courageous' Act- Catholic Watchdog SA: USA

USA Democrat (House Minority Leader) calls persecuting Catholics a 'Courageous' Act- Catholic Watchdog SA: USA

Persecution of Faith: Nancy Pelosi, Democrat from California, who loves to call herself Catholic - has once again joined anti-Catholic Obama in forcing Catholics to disobey their faith- USA News issues
Catholic Hospitals and schools to be forced to fund abortions, sterilizations, contraceptives: in forced insurance that sees pregnancy as a disease to be irradicated


"At her Wednesday press briefing, CNSNews.com asked Pelosi: “The administration has issued a regulation that will require all health-care plans to cover sterilization and all FDA-approved contraceptives, including those that induce abortions. This would force Catholic individuals and institutions to act against their consciences. All across the nation, Catholic bishops are saying:--

Pelosi responded: "Is this a speech, or do we have a question in disguise as a speech?"

CNSNews.com continued: “‘We cannot--we will not—comply with this law.’Catholic bishops are saying they will not comply with this law. Will you stand with your fellow Catholics in resisting this law or will you stick by the administration?”

Pelosi: “First of all, I am going to stick with my fellow Catholics in supporting the administration on this. I think it was a very courageous decision that they made, and I support it.” "

-Pelosi Vows to Stand With Obama Against Catholic Church; Says Decision Forcing Catholics to Act Against Faith Was ‘Very Courageous’ By Thomas Cloud February 2, 2012"
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(CNSNews.com) - House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) vowed today that she will join with the Obama administration in standing up against the Catholic Church in defending a new regulation tha...

Sale of controversial Protestant Mega-church The Crystal Cathedral to Catholic diocese goes ahead - USA News

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa)

Marc Aupiais  -  20:09 (edited)  -  Public
Sale of controversial Protestant Mega-church The Crystal Cathedral to Catholic diocese goes ahead - USA News

Despite objections from Catholics around the country that it was a wasteful and inappropriate sale, and that the bishop, Bishop Tod Brown, of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, was buying it for different motives than stated.

More on the Deacon's Beach

The Crystal Cathedral, one of the nation's best-known Protestant churches, is now owned by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange. Escrow closed Friday afternoon on the $57.5 million court-ordered s...

South African Catholic

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