Saturday, June 26, 2010

Belgian police violate archbishops' graves in sex abuse scandal investigation

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Article by Marc Aupiais

The Associated Press among others has reported on a raid of graves, a former archbishop's residence and other incidences, in what increasingly appears to be an international incident between the Vatican City State or Holy See, and the government of Belgium.

Tombs were in the opinion of the Vatican: violated (mouse over for details), and confidential information given the Roman Catholic church by victims of sex abuse now in their 60s and 70s and promised confidentiality: were in the perspective of the Vatican, stolen, by agents of the Belgian government, in a Vatican shocking: police raid purporting to be investigating sex abuse in the Roman Catholic Church. Says CNA, 30 police members sealed off the residence of a retired Archbishop who is a Cardinal, in an investigation where documents and a personal computer were seized.

The raid was likely in connection with allegations against the Cardinal, Godfried Danneels, now retired, which to quote the Wall Street Journal:

"Belgium's Godfried Danneels, a retired cardinal who was once a contender for the papacy, was allegedly informed in the 1990s that Bishop Roger Vangheluwe, now 73, had molested a young man. Monsignor Vangheluwe admitted to the abuse last week, and Pope Benedict XVI accepted his resignation Friday.

The Dutch-language daily De Standaard reported on Friday that two former priests had personally informed Cardinal Danneels, 77, about Bishop Vangheluwe's abuse several times"

Former Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussel: Godfried Danneels's documents and personal computer were taken, but police have yet to explain why, and the Archbishop was not questioned. The Police did mention that it related to sex abuse allegations, but if this refers to those made as reported by the Wall Street Journal, in late April, then it may be seen as odd that the police took so long to come down on an alleged co-conspirator, surely some may note then: justice delayed is justice denied, if guilty, the former Archbishop would have had plenty of time to dispose of any evidence of conspiracy.

An outraged and livid Vatican summoned the Belgian ambassador to the Holy See to convey its utmost fury over the raids, especially as two graves were violated. The Belgian Ambassador to the Holy See has since requested a meeting with the Vatican's foreign minister.

The Vatican once again stated its support for seeking "justice and amends" (AP) for victims, but expressed dismay that statements received from victims of sex abuse with a promise of confidentiality were so roughly and in their view unjustifiably seized by the state of Belgium.

Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard, of Mechelen-Brussel, and Bishop of Belgium, Military, compared the reasoning of police to conspiracies of fictional crime novels and the slander of the Da Vinci Code.

Godfried Danneels, allegedly has a chequered history when it comes to acting via evil to achieve good, reportedly advising [reference] that unchaste men in Africa wear condoms despite the prohibition in the bible and the Dogma of the church- against masterbation, as intrinsically evil.

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