Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday Star: publishes naked photos

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The Saturday Star, part of the IOL group of newspapers; has taken it upon themselves to air naked photos appearing in Marie Claire Magazine: whether to highlight the controversy, or anger over the fact that celebrity nudes are being published, to "Raise awareness" of woman abuse, or to sell newspapers: is unclear. What is clear, is that the women and men are not bruised, and while many likely object to the fact that arousing pictures are now in the reach of children doing grade 2 newspaper projects, the question as to why the IOL newspaper chose to air the pictures in their news, without any real warning for sensitive, um... viewers: is unclear.

If they had noted in front that they had naked pictures on page nine, wait: maybe they simply should not have shown naked pictures in the first place: really, did Marie Claire contact them for this? Why are there naked pictures in a popular newspaper. Surely, Marie Claire: cannot be as circulated as the star?

In either case: It does seem distasteful. It is almost as though: since the government shifted from denying the existence of HIV/AIDS: to telling children in Junior school, and younger: to wear condoms, on television: that now; sexual images are acceptable; after all: how else does one sell those nasty condoms?

Previous funding from the Marie Claire campaign went to funding the Treatment Action Campaign(TAC): noted for anger towards government in previous times: and for their rabid support of condoms.

Studies in America: have shown condoms less effective than Modern Natural Family methods: at preventing childbirth, more than that: abstinence training at schools: has shown more effective in preventing teenage pregnancy, and disease: than condom spurges. Children as young as twelve can get seemingly, if I remember correctly, and if the stats available online are correct: free government abortions, and also contraception, in South Africa.

Kissing someone under the age of 16 (Which is why age of girlfriends is important), is considered statutory rape in South Africa: and is punishable by a prison sentence. Getting contraception for personal use, is allowed at this age, and much younger, as with the use of government abortion facilities free of charge: to you, not those paying their taxes: who fund your abortion.

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