Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Orissa, India, Asia: Christian Death Toll breaks 100 mark: 118 dead according to "reliable sources"

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. News 24 (secular)25/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Of about a 50 000 or so population which fled homes in Orissa, under heavy persecution for religious views: by Hindu Nationalist fundamentalists: 10 000 currently reside in internal refugee camps, into which attacks have been recorded as succeeding. According to News 24, at least 91 corpses have been identified, while another 27 are confirmed dead by what they deemed reliable sources.

The violence follows the assassination of a radically anti-Christian leader, who was killed by Maoist rebels. After his death, Hindu Extremists: used this as fuel on which to intensify persecution of Christians. Training camps for millitia have been set up, and recruiting of anti-Christian millitia continues. The Indian Government has been accused by sources on the ground of a mass cover-up, and of negligence, over the entire situation. A major Hindu political party also attacked the papacy for prayers for peace in Orissa, using a classical power game: claiming that India is "sovereign", as though this extended to some right to kill others, or watch them die.

Violence in Orissa, is condemned by major religions in the area, including less radical Hindu leaders.

Mexico, Latin America: Mexico's "Catholic" population: does it again: free murder, and a bit of heresy from priests

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Reuters (secular) 25/11/2008; Reuters (secular)23/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Heterodox versions of a "Catholicism" of sorts, reigns not only with Mexico's senate, which recently legalized euthanasia, in the Latin American nation, but also among people who should be Catholic. On the 23rd of November, Reuters reported on a Catholic priest, who blessed transvestites on the way to a festival where they dress as such and wonder around, an open sign of disobedience to the Vatican. It is a festival, the Catholic conquerors of Mexico banned early, which went underground. Mexico city is also one of the few cities in Latin America, where abortion is legal.

All three of these situations, if Reuters is correct in their reporting of them: can easily fall under condemnation of dogma. Inculturation never extends to adopting parts of a culture which are contrary to Catholicism, and it is rituals like these: for which the ancient Israelis were to kill their fellows, showing in essence a clear, direct condemnation in the bible, and therefore in Catholic tradition: of such. In the modern time, what is needed is repentance and confession among those in Mexico, who have abandoned their heritage.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spain, Europe: Secular Government persecutes Catholics via "Crucifix" ruling

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. EuroNews (Secular) 25/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In a "historic" ruling, a Spanish court has ruled to allow to have crucifixes removed from classrooms in schools and even universities, according to it's "secular" constitution, the representation of the Catholic church in the country sees it as persecution.

Spain also recently created a child purely to be a blood bank, as it is gradually betraying its Catholic heritage via a secularism, which is not a treaty between diverse groupings, but a tool used to silence religion, by a government and legal system which sees moral objections of religious to be threats. Spain allows abortion, and "marriage" between homosexuals. In allowing the first, politicians voting for it more than likely excommunicated themselves, just as ordinary citizens would for voting for them knowing what they would do. The second also shows what the Catholic church considers a heretical view. According to the papacy: religion must never be repressed: it is not the role of the state to define moral or scientific truths, but to listen to those who specialize in these fields.

This is the latest in a long line of judgments against church, morality and God. Secularism is not the destruction of religion, but a system where religious groups live in harmony. Spain therefore cannot be defined as secular, but simply as having an irreligious, even atheistic legal system, and administration, if this ruling is allowed, as it has been.

As it is, the constitution allows for separation of church and state: L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican state's national newspaper, has called this a judgment: motivated purely by hatred of religion itself, and not by the constitution of Spain, which EuroNews notes: allows for separation of religion and state.

Monday, November 24, 2008

India, AsiaNews.IT: Vishwa Hindu Parishad "Training" combattants: bounties out for killing Christians, as Hindu nationalists aim at finishing their Ge

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa ; Philippine Bishops' Conference News (CBCP News)23/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Vishwa Hindu Parishad, whose claims are a central motivator for the Orissa violence, as violence is said to be an "act" of "revenge" against Christians for the death of a leader of the group, even though it is Maoist Rebels, who have claimed responsibility for the assassination: is now rumored to be creating "centers" of sorts, where youth can "learn" to be more effective in attacks on those professing Christianity. This is, according to the Philippine's Bishops' news service's source in this, based on an article by AsiaNews. The development, follows others in the region around Orissa, India.

Efforts, by the vengeful Hindu Nationalist groupings, in which the VHP has been accused of playing a role: at getting rid of remaining slithers of Christian influence, wealth and livelihood, include relatively inexpensive bounties on still professing Christians, as well as on Priests: such as US 250 per priest, or else basic necessities are traded for some acts of violence.

Illegal activities: for which Indian hit men, are supposedly to get paid for, in anti-Christian attacks, include burning down churches, or the slaying of important Christians. Previously, what seemed to be ideologically motivated volunteers would carry out attacks, these continue also, but, of late: their influence has yet to kill every Christian. Also, volunteers, generally hurt, or chase Christians, but are less prone to be effective killers.

Those who are getting paid for attacks are not paid wealthy sums, desperation, and self interest still cannot be ruled out in the attacks. Some have linked these to the destructions wrought on the cast system in Orissa, by the conversion of Christians to Christianity. Others have noted the appropriation of property by attackers, which could be seen as opportunism.

This latest development: is as winter comes around the corner, and Christians are lucky if left to suffer as internal refugees, in camps, which dispatches from on earlier dates have alleged to be: as unsafe, and prone to attacks. The fleeing persecuted's own houses have often been taken over by perpetrators of attacks, as with some of their goods. The Indian government is at this late hour: fronting claims of a special task force to protect Christians, the reality of these claims is yet to be seen in the future if lives are saved, as over 50 000 Christians have been adversely affected, and at last count: dozens had died. The attacks were already happening in September.

It could be hoped that: training camps, much like those run by militants at one stage in Afghanistan: aimed, in this case at Hindu Nationalists, attempting to kill Christians with more primitive weapons, even crude weapons: including swords, would not be successful in wiping out what remains of a persevering Christian outpost, in such a region of such a country, a country, whose government has, according to sources on the ground: been negligent at best at preventing deaths, and has been accused of a coverup over the genocide, by an important local church representation, which alleges this is to cover up the negligence with which local officials handled the situation.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Media and a non-democratic religion... give it some thought- we are not the same as our secular counterparts!

(Journey in a Broken World; Catholic Watchdog South Africa; Media Study South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Our non-related Sister in Catholic journalism in South Africa- South Africa's Catholic Weekly, whom we sometime agree with, and sometimes really disagree with- the Southern Cross has two interesting editorials this week. Those who know me usually know that the word interesting often is a slur with me, and today I am somewhat disappointed in what we can expect to read this Sunday, when we buy the paper from our local churches.

I read two editorials, both of which are critical of the Vatican- one almost begging for women priests, and rebuking the Vatican for no taking action against "pedophile" priests, the other attacking the introduction of psychological testing in seminaries, saying it discourages homosexuals from the priesthood- because the guidelines aim at ensuring well fit priests for the job. Sadly, neither article is in line with what Catholic Culture would define as high fidelity. The same newspaper which attacked the view of the church on condoms, and I may add that the church has a much better scientific argument than the pro-condom advocates, is now attacking two policies in one week. The fact remains that it is an Excathedra statement of Pope John Paul the Second- which declares that the church has now not, nor ever will have any right to create "women priests", like divorce- a woman priest is something the church cannot ordain. The issue is closed.

So is it wrong to excommunicate those who support women priests- no, if they are in heresy, it is only fair to do so. The Southern Cross then says that the church should get rid of the sexual offenders, and stop mistreating the supporters of women priests, but is this mistreatment?

Canon law clearly excommunicates automatically all who ordain or are ordained as women priests. Canon law has a different penalty for sexual abuses. In other words, for the one, the people already are kicked out of the church- and this means the church believes they will very likely end their life with the devil in hades if they do not get re-infused into the church by correct ceremony. A priest who absolves his sexual partner of their sexual sin is also automatically excommunicated, except in danger of death.

An active homosexual lifestyle, is not only proven to shorten the lifespan, and contribute to levels of sexual disease, but also is directly condemned in the New and Old testaments, and in every statement on the matter by the church, from the earliest times, to Vatican II, to today!

As for homosexuality and the priesthood, the Southern Cross misinterprets the same document we ourselves have reported on. Its purpose is not to root out homosexuals, but to root out sexual predators, and those who cannot control their urges. Unless the Southern Cross wants to appose the papacy and Vatican II's authority, they must agree that the church should have no interest whatsoever in appointing men to the priesthood who will break with celibacy, yet already they seem in danger of Canon 1373, and 1371, of creating animosity against the papacy, or bishops over an act of ecclesiastical authority.

So, how does the Catholic media keep their superiors accountable, and the answer is- we don't.

In a democracy- freedom of speech is a vital sector of society, in an autocracy, it has a different purpose. The Catholic media is not a watchdog waiting to pounce on the church and call for resignations. We are called to respect authority above us. I certainly appose the South African Bishop who went around promoting condoms, even in other countries, and i have a right to, so what do I mean we are not a watchdog?

I mean- we are not telling people how to vote in the next bishop or pope, we don't vote for these, we just obey them or walk! The system is not a democracy, and so the subjects need a different sort of information.

If a bishop teaches heresy, they must be named and shamed- in such a way as to encourage repentance, counter their harm, and inform their superiors. If a bishop says something that is valid, you should not try to create animosity to them, as though this institutes change.

The role of our secular brothers- is to safeguard their democracies, the role of the Catholic media is to safeguard the pillar and foundation of our truth- our autocracy.

Where a bishops apposes a valid act of the papacy, by all means- we must appose this bishop, and not give him good press, but if we disagree with the bishop or papacy on a valid point- we have no right to publicly whip them in the press.

The sin of detraction, and the law of the church cautions one validly about media circuses and also that we are not to interfere via force in valid ecclesiastical choices and decisions. We may appose some of them- but have no right to appose dogmas such as the celibate male priesthood- the "enuchs made so by God" (Jesus of Nazareth).

It is not the media who runs the church, but the validly ordained bishops- we may advise- but in an autocracy- in general- it is best to give people the information to best cope with what superiors have said. If we are trying to move public opinion to gain our goal, against the wishes of the Vatican- then we do not want an autocracy, but a democracy. Democratic religion is so strongly condemned by the early Christians, and the bible, that we shall not mention it. Simply, a democratic religion changes truth.

I am disappointed in what the Southern Cross will distribute in our parishes this Sunday, as it is, we already have such troubles in Southern Africa, our country and church. Driving a larger wedge between the Magisterium and the laity will not help the situation, and yet our media seems so certain of their solution to the problem, that they seem almost oblivious to the idea that the Vatican has already investigated it. Condoms have a proven success rate in increasing aids, or so I am lead to believe by statistics- whereby Uganda is conquering the disease via abstinence, and in South Africa we simply get more of the disease through our condom happy campaigns.

History has shown time and again- Orthodoxy is potent- it spreads the faith and hurts persecution. If we are to solve the actual crisis in the modern church- I might suggest covering up our bishops actual gaps- by education the Catholic populace in Orthodoxy, as EWTN does on Radio Veritas, as our bishops would need to appreciate, as we are obeying their position by this. Let us be true Watchdogs- knowing that Watchdogs are loyal to their owners, and eat biscuits, and nice bowls of doggy food. Let us mimic our pope in Catholic media, let us be "God's Rottweilers"- watching not on our cultural desires, but keeping an eye on the dignity of the human person- and never letting it be attacked, even by someone attacking their own divine dignity. Our aid is at truth, not politics, not opinion, and as Catholics we believe that comes from tradition (I Timothy III verse XV). Our job is to spread the gospel and the truth, but we must realize that the church is pillar and foundation of this. Our basis must not be human rights, but human dignity, not kindness, but truth.

I invite my brothers at the Southern Cross to a new evangelism- how about next week publishing a justification of the Male celibate priesthood, and of the Vatican's choice to screen priests to end abuses more fully. Since when should catholics care about the "right" of gay people to be priests- no one has a right to be a priest- only the church has this right to appoint people. I truly am disappointed today.

South African Catholic

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