Thursday, December 18, 2008

Madrid, Spain, EU, Europe: Secular Spanish socialists seal icey grip on Christmas: Nativity scene latest in crackdowns on any religous symbolism

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. IOL (Non-Religious) 18/12/2008; BBC World News (Secular) __/__/__; South African Catholic 17/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Spain's socialist, and anti-religiously secularist government has done it again. Recently, a judge risked, and is contesting a three year jail term, and 18 year bar from practising, after refusing to give a child to a homosexual couple, desiring to adopt, despite the fact they were seen as incapable of being good parents. Other European persecution, includes the removal of many powers from Luxemberg's monarch: after he refused to legalize abortions. Spain itself, has forced the removal of crucifixes from public areas such as schools and universities, and is known for pro-abortion, pro-"homosexual" "Marriage" policies, and for socialist policies.

Now, when a state prosecutor erected a nativity scene in the prosecutors office, it was quite suddenly removed by a judge. No argument that Christmas was part of Spanish culture could prevent the removal.

Laws are being examined in Spain to further define what is implied by so-called "Separation of Church and State". Such policies, from their route in the French rebellion, have always had the obvious target of Catholicism, however the removal of power from a moral watchdog was aptly demonstrated in the Second World War, as was brought up, after a previously Fascist politician in Italy, accused the Vatican of not doing enough: despite Italy existing after militarially conquering the papal states (previous report 17/Dec/2008).

Islamic citizens in Spain, increasingly feel persecuted, as exemplified in the Madrid train bombings (c.f. BBC World News (Secular) __/__/__). Catholicism, however of late has borne the brunt of institutional attacks.

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