Monday, December 29, 2008

Uganda, Africa:Catholic Churchgoers hacked to death: by Ugandan "Lord's Resistance Army": says Ugandan army

(Social Justice South Africa; Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Bloomberg (Secular) 29/12/2008 BBC World News (Non-religious) 29/12/2008; News 24 (Secular) 28/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Maybe 45, maybe 100 persons, in Uganda: have been hacked to death in a Catholic church, by the LRA: BBC reports that the Ugandan army reports: they were civilians, and non-combatants. The LRA has also been accused of other atrocities in the DRC ("Democratic Republic of Congo"), and is known for use of child soldiers, and has been accused of addicting child soldiers to drugs: to ensure loyalty. The reported attack was on the day after Christmas. Their leader is wanted to be tried for other atrocities: at the International Criminal Court!

The source quoted by BBC, appears to confirm, or at least agree with the press release by the Ugandan army. 45 bodies were found at the church itself, reports News 24, and Bloomberg. Over 185 are said to be dead in a three day blitz by the infamous rebels.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Authority of the bishop/ Merry Christmas

While we have reported on issues in South Africa, involving local bishops, and this is of not just one department: every citizen of the church is rightly bound to obey the just commands of bishops: nor does this mean there is always any recourse or purpose in such things: the bishop is given his authority, and that is just, and so: we must still love our bishops, even when we disagree with them. I truly hope that heresy, and pen rebellion against the Vatican will no longer be advertised by Priests in South Africa, and sold in Parishes without having to answer for their attacks on the Vatican, and the Pro-life movement: however: we are still rightly obligated to be at peace with our bishops, and to love them for their goodness. God bless, and merry Christmas: to our viewers, and our Bishops, and clergy in South Africa! And please pray for our brothers and sisters at the Southern Cross: to stop attacking Vatican Decisions, as is well documented overseas.

Marc Aupiais

Editor of South African Catholic,

and the Scripturelink group of sites!

Response of Cardinal Napier on certain abuses in South Africa; including anti-Vatican sentiments aired in the Southern Cross

Cardinal Napier was informed of a Priest who got his congregation to sing happy Birthday to a member of it, and got them to clap for success in a recent fund raiser: something directly condemned by Pope Benedict XVI: as meaning that all meaning of the mass is lost: the mass centering on the Eucharist:

"You are obviously French-speaking, and that is why some of the points that you make in your correspondence do not come across as clearly as they would need to. That is a problem that would best be overcome by first speaking to someone face to face and only then putting your thoughts to paper.
Regarding the issues that you raise, namely 1) cheering and clapping in the Church at Margate and 2) the orthodoxy of the Southern Cross’s editorial policy and practice.

1) Cheering and clapping in Church
The first thing to say is that anyone who attends Mass in St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, will know that it is quite common for the participants to cheer and applaud the Holy Father when he enters the Church for Mass, and that they do the same every time he mentions their country or nation in his message of greetings.
I had the good fortune to attend the African Synod held in St Peter’s in April-May 1994. The first thing that marked that Synod was the way in which Pope John Paul II accepted and even encouraged lively African style singing, which necessarily include ululating, cheering and clapping. I remember in particular that the choirs who sang at the opening and closing Masses used banjoes and drums among other instruments popular with African congregations.
The second element of good fortune that I attribute to the African Synod is proclamation of the principle of inculturation. Inculturation was introduced into Catholic thinking by Vatican II and was incorporated by the Holy Father in the post Synodal exhortation “Ecclesia in Africa”.
This important Church document sanctioned inculturation and then proceeded to spell out two criteria that were to be used to distinguish genuine from false inculturation. The first is “compatibility with the Gospel” and the second is “unity with the universal Church”.
So, the questions to be asked are: a) Is cheering and clapping incompatible with the Gospel? b) Does it break the unity of the particular Church with the universal Church?
I would say that in neither case does singing and clapping offend those two principles.
2) The orthodoxy of the Southern Cross
In this case I would argue that from time to time, and on given issues, editorial practice does not follow stated policy as closely as one would expect. At times there may be justifiable divergence of opinion, at other times it would seem that editorial independence is being given priority.
If you are a regular reader of the Southern Cross you will know that I have often expressed my concern at its anti-magisterial bias. I do not mean that it openly opposes Church teaching but like a nagging sore keeps on putting the world’s view rather than the Church’s. This is often done I would say rather by the choice of letter for publication rather than by direct editorial statements.
As you can see I am not a total fan of the Southern Cross, but I would not seek to shut it up. I would prefer to see ordinary Catholics take issue with its position by affirming their faith in letter that tell their faith stories. I am confident that these stories would reveal a reality that is very different from the reality which certain people are trying to present through the Southern Cross.
By the way, the parish of Margate is in the Diocese of Umzimkulu, and is in the capable hands of one of the best young priests in the country. He is very much in touch with me as Apostolic Administrator and together with the other members of the Presybterium of that Diocese is very involved in seeking way to ensure that the Mass is a lived experience of our faith in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ, which becomes actualized when we receive Holy Communion and carry over its effects into our daily life.

May I use this letter to offer you some advice, and I do so not to put you down, but to point you in the right direction, because I sense that you are genuinely concerned about your faith and the way your Church is living, teaching and passing it on.
“Try to be humble enough to see good in others, even when you don’t, or even can’t, agree with what you see them do or say”.
Why? Because it was the way Jesus interacted with the “sinners” of his time. It was the way he led them in great numbers to conversion them.
I am sure that a similarly humble, honest and compassionate approach will help you lead many more to conversion than your current approach, which falls more into the category of “hammering the heretics into orthodoxy.

With best wishes for a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year,

Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, OFM
Archbishop of Durban"
Email from the cardinal's office to a private individual: confirmed by our organization!

It was then pointed out that it was not the letters in the Southern Cross, which have been internationally condemned by the esteemed Trinity Communications, known for their connection, and the used of these by EWTN. No response was given.

While at time of publishing, no response was given, and while we have great respect for the Cardinal, we still are looking into what can be done on these issues, which we have got evidence of. We would like to remind our readers, that the bishops are the true heirs of the Apostles. Whether we agree or disagree: we cannot create animosity towards these men: only try the best we are able to obey our church, our pope first, and and then our bishops and others in line with Canon law. Much of what the Cardinal says is well said, and based on the experiences of a servant of the universal church. Perhaps, in future, something may be done, perhaps not.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Madrid, Spain, EU, Europe: Secular Spanish socialists seal icey grip on Christmas: Nativity scene latest in crackdowns on any religous symbolism

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. IOL (Non-Religious) 18/12/2008; BBC World News (Secular) __/__/__; South African Catholic 17/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Spain's socialist, and anti-religiously secularist government has done it again. Recently, a judge risked, and is contesting a three year jail term, and 18 year bar from practising, after refusing to give a child to a homosexual couple, desiring to adopt, despite the fact they were seen as incapable of being good parents. Other European persecution, includes the removal of many powers from Luxemberg's monarch: after he refused to legalize abortions. Spain itself, has forced the removal of crucifixes from public areas such as schools and universities, and is known for pro-abortion, pro-"homosexual" "Marriage" policies, and for socialist policies.

Now, when a state prosecutor erected a nativity scene in the prosecutors office, it was quite suddenly removed by a judge. No argument that Christmas was part of Spanish culture could prevent the removal.

Laws are being examined in Spain to further define what is implied by so-called "Separation of Church and State". Such policies, from their route in the French rebellion, have always had the obvious target of Catholicism, however the removal of power from a moral watchdog was aptly demonstrated in the Second World War, as was brought up, after a previously Fascist politician in Italy, accused the Vatican of not doing enough: despite Italy existing after militarially conquering the papal states (previous report 17/Dec/2008).

Islamic citizens in Spain, increasingly feel persecuted, as exemplified in the Madrid train bombings (c.f. BBC World News (Secular) __/__/__). Catholicism, however of late has borne the brunt of institutional attacks.

UN, New York: Defrocked, from his post as a Catholic Priest, personally by Pope John Paul II, for his post in a Marxist government:General Assembly President Fr. Miguel D'Escoto, now says he: "Receives" death threats after recently criticising USA and Israel!

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Reuters (Secular) 18/12/2008; LifeSiteNews 05/DEC/2008; UN Declaration on Genocide __/__/__)

Article by Marc Aupiais

When part of a left leaning," Sandinista National Liberation Front" marxist government, which overthrew their predecessors, but then had elections about 5 years later: in his own nation, D'Escoto accused the US of butchering his Nation, during a war, since then he has called George W. Bush, recently given special privilages on a visit to the Vatican, the Spiritual heir of Reagan, whom he (as a marxist government official): had apposed.

Awarding two pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality advocates in the UN for “outstanding contribution to the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms” (LifeSiteNews 05/DEC/2008) earlier this year, there was no naming of these people as butcherers. This despite their actions being defined as genocide in the UN definition.

He has also accused the Israeli government of treating the Palestinians in their territory, in the same manner as South Africans were treated by the Protestant Apartheid Government, previously in power in South Africa. D'Escoto has now claimed he is receiving death threats: without mentioning the source: to which he is being subdued to needs for new security measures: by.

Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, however has since taken offense: she has said that this is all lies, aimed at getting her not to attend the anniversary of the "Universal Declaration on human rights".

Catholics are free to present their own oppinions within reason, that does not make these the views of the church, however, Fr D'Escoto, was personally removed from the priesthood for his position in a marxist government. In fact, Gabriela Shalev, Israel's ambassador, who the defrocked priest's spokesperson has been accusing of slander for her statements, is also taking this seriously. The UN itself is taking new measures, to protect the defrocked priest, however, he is not the first UN official to make an enemy of Israel, or the United States: nor does that mean that they will automatically be the source of alleged death threats. He has made such emnity, not be religious belief, but via his attacks on the western world. He is viewed as advantageous to those supporting extreme left positions, however: he was elected, only from amongst South American competition: in accorance with a moving seat, and his only role is as a mediator of debate in the house. He has been accused of being partisan.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Italy, EU, Europe: Italian Speaker of house (who entered politics as a Fascist) Tries to place blame of WWII attrocities on Catholic: In another attack by the Italian establishment on the church

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. BBC World News (Secular) 17/12/2008; Other Stories covering it listed by Google News (Secular) :accessed by us: 17/12/2008; See What We See News Archive 17/12/2008; The British "Times" (secular) 17/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Gianfranco Fini, leader of what was once officially a "neo-fascist party" (BBC World News (Secular) 17/11/2008;The British "Times" (secular) 17/12/2008) "Alleanza Nazionale"(The British "Times" (secular) 17/12/2008) who BBC says droped his neo-Fascist agendas earlier in his career, in order to appeal to mainstream politics, has seemingly slipped back into old ways. As speaker of the Italian parliament, one of those parliaments in "Catholic" nations: in Europe: which has periodically of late passed laws hardly representative of a Catholic viewpoint, he now lays the blame for the deportion of the Jews, by the Fascists: to Nazi Germany: on the Vatican.

He says that the Vatican did not make any real effort to appose racial legislation, despite claims, aired in the article by the British "Times", that the Vatican made sharp condemnations of the laws.

Missing in his accusation, as "speaker" of the "Italian" "Parliament", is the fact the Italy exists, having militarially conquered the Vatican, and that it was a treaty by the Fascists during such rule of Italy's politics, when the Lateran treaty was created: confining the Vatican to what is now the country bearing its name. Also excluded are the many iniatives by the Pope of World War II, which: against established customs: caused Religious organizations of Catholics (such as nuns and others) on masse, especially religious organizations such as nunaries: to habor Jewish people.

Also missing is the fact that Vatican further condemnations, would have meant little at this time of persecution, the Vatican certainly could not have taken military action, what possible lack of action may be the source of the accusations is hard to immagine.

 Italy had kicked Catholicism out of that role via force, as it still does, via voices such as those of that man. This seems another anti-catholic attack, and the source of it, in a party, once known for its fascism: is revealing. Placing guilt on those who don't object loud enough, or can't object as they would have desired: is a typical strategy of those attempting to throw guilt away from themselves. Still, if there were guilt there might have been some place for apology: there is none: Pope Benedict XVI assures us of this, and we will see it ourselves, when the Secret Archive of the time are made public to scholars in a few years time. Currently, they are being organized.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Middle East, Eurasia: Iraqi Genocide on Christians: will disabilize the region: Archbishop Louis Sako: Italy

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. CNA 28/11/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

An Archbishops has noted the disastrous effects of the genocide against Christians, by radical Islamics. He notes, that Christians flee kidnappings, killings, rapes, murders: human rights abuses perpetrated on them. This is disastrous for relations throughout the region. He clearly does not believe America, or the Iraqi administration controls Iraq, where Christians are second class, (even what seems to many, although the Bishop did not say this directly is by human rights standards treated as subhuman) citizens: "dhimmi".

He believes that foreign terrorists control the country. His language hints that: as though they were a rat infestation, Christians are persecuted, and hunted down: but really, are only a scapegoat for those seeking an Islamist state.

This information is from a conference on inter-religious dialogue: in Italy.

Thailand: Cardinal: catholics should follow conscience about anti-government protests, but not act in name of the church

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. UCAN News 28/11/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

A representative of the Church in Thailand, has informed media, that Catholics should follow their conscience about efforts to dispose the Thai government, however: they are not to act in the name of the church. These statements are in line with Catholic procedures.

In Thailand: protesters want a new administration, making allegations against the current one, and taking an airport by force.

South African Catholic

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