Monday, November 24, 2008

India, AsiaNews.IT: Vishwa Hindu Parishad "Training" combattants: bounties out for killing Christians, as Hindu nationalists aim at finishing their Ge

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa ; Philippine Bishops' Conference News (CBCP News)23/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Vishwa Hindu Parishad, whose claims are a central motivator for the Orissa violence, as violence is said to be an "act" of "revenge" against Christians for the death of a leader of the group, even though it is Maoist Rebels, who have claimed responsibility for the assassination: is now rumored to be creating "centers" of sorts, where youth can "learn" to be more effective in attacks on those professing Christianity. This is, according to the Philippine's Bishops' news service's source in this, based on an article by AsiaNews. The development, follows others in the region around Orissa, India.

Efforts, by the vengeful Hindu Nationalist groupings, in which the VHP has been accused of playing a role: at getting rid of remaining slithers of Christian influence, wealth and livelihood, include relatively inexpensive bounties on still professing Christians, as well as on Priests: such as US 250 per priest, or else basic necessities are traded for some acts of violence.

Illegal activities: for which Indian hit men, are supposedly to get paid for, in anti-Christian attacks, include burning down churches, or the slaying of important Christians. Previously, what seemed to be ideologically motivated volunteers would carry out attacks, these continue also, but, of late: their influence has yet to kill every Christian. Also, volunteers, generally hurt, or chase Christians, but are less prone to be effective killers.

Those who are getting paid for attacks are not paid wealthy sums, desperation, and self interest still cannot be ruled out in the attacks. Some have linked these to the destructions wrought on the cast system in Orissa, by the conversion of Christians to Christianity. Others have noted the appropriation of property by attackers, which could be seen as opportunism.

This latest development: is as winter comes around the corner, and Christians are lucky if left to suffer as internal refugees, in camps, which dispatches from on earlier dates have alleged to be: as unsafe, and prone to attacks. The fleeing persecuted's own houses have often been taken over by perpetrators of attacks, as with some of their goods. The Indian government is at this late hour: fronting claims of a special task force to protect Christians, the reality of these claims is yet to be seen in the future if lives are saved, as over 50 000 Christians have been adversely affected, and at last count: dozens had died. The attacks were already happening in September.

It could be hoped that: training camps, much like those run by militants at one stage in Afghanistan: aimed, in this case at Hindu Nationalists, attempting to kill Christians with more primitive weapons, even crude weapons: including swords, would not be successful in wiping out what remains of a persevering Christian outpost, in such a region of such a country, a country, whose government has, according to sources on the ground: been negligent at best at preventing deaths, and has been accused of a coverup over the genocide, by an important local church representation, which alleges this is to cover up the negligence with which local officials handled the situation.

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