Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Commentary- Creative Minority Report- Science needs to pass the you're not special test!

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Creative Minority Report)

Article By Marc Aupiais


The Following article is a commentary, which does not neccessarially reflect the view of this service.

Now everything I say here is based on what I read at Creative Minority report, and personal views, I am not a quantum physicist, so I don't really know!


Another oddity in science, yes I love the word oddity, but it is a good word to describe things we don't think should be as they are- and I don't think this should be as it is.

It's called the "Copernican principle", or as Creative Minority Report notes- The "We're not special principle". It's a principle that often plays out in movies- when the good looking chap looks at the lady, or where a High School Musical scene emerges- not that we don't disagree with Disney's views on religion, and abortion, but the point is- when something says you're special- mankind says fairytale. Now, I by no means support creationism- the idea sounds more like Evangelical Fundamentalism's apologetics, PR department than science, but I do find it odd that we should have such a principle. Another principle is that the most likely, simple solution to a problem probably is the solution- but to me that sounds like guesswork. We believe, and I adhere to the idea that all we have came from the big bang. An Evangelical Fundamentalist I disagree with heavily states- "Nothing Exploded" as if it disproved this wondrous science, and I think- yes- is not the big bang the ultimate proof of God- that nothing should become everything- surely- Nothing must have been altered by Reality- surely- Reality must have made the universe out of nothing. I have actually converted someone to Christianity on the spot, by discussing my belief in the Big Bang- because this mystery has to lead to God.

Now back to the concept discussed by Matthew Archbold, over at Creative Minority Report-

There is a theory that the Earth is located in a low cosmic pressure zone, which apparently could explain all these anomolies about time seeming to alter, or things going faster than the speed of light- now I am the first person to decry creationism- but if this is the simplest solution, and could answer the question, and I am no expert at science- then why should we exclude it as possible based purely on the fact that it makes the earth slightly different. Of course we are different- how else could evolution have occured, we as a planet with life have to be different from ones which have none. Of course, Matthew may be wrong, and we may not have the entire picture- but if the Cinderella shoe fits, why not cautiously investigate if it really is so?

Of course- I do not endorse such a theory myself- but really- I am fascinated by this other "Copernican principle", if it really exists, please someone send me more on it- yes, we must be cautious when the cosmic good looking girl science waves at us, and check before waving back, but if this is true- then its sad not to wave simply to avoid embarrassment. In Fact, I'd even rather wave if she wasn't waving at me, after all- it doesn't need to be releasing anything- but investigating it may lead onto another theory, and waving at girls at least gets their attention!

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