Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sanity and the divine pursuit of Orthodoxy

Article by Marc Aupiais

When we speak of Orthodoxy- often we actually mean fidelity- or else remaining within an organization's party line.

We sometimes also believe the Orthodox way- to refer to the better, or true, or historic means of doing something!

But what is Orthodoxy? It is not the go-between between liberalism and conservatism, nor liberalism and traditionalism- neither is it traditionalism, conservatism or liberalism- each of which periodically changes meaning.

Orthodoxy- cannot be subjected to any one viewpoint- yet- it often refers to what a viewpoint believes as true.

In truth- orthodoxy is the pursuit of truth above all- and the determination to obey this truth utterly- the problem then is how one defines truth.

If truth is what an organization, or consensus says it is- then Orthodoxy is perhaps fidelity to that Organization- otherwise- Orthodoxy is fidelity to Reality- to the pursuit of manifesting to the world what is as it is.

Ultimately- the early Christians were killed for being what society saw as insane- they preached that someone recently alive had risen from a horrid death- had eaten on rising, and could be eaten body and soul in the Eucharist, and survived- and would spare or condemn us all for our single smallest thoughts- and lifestyle- more than that- that this person was God himself- and gives ceremonies to people- which could free them from bad lifestyles.

For this- they were whipped, slaughtered and martyred. Even they admitted they appeared insane- "foolish" (Saint Paul) to all apposing them!

Those who were martyred, believed it was the most sane course of action- they were loyal to their view of truth- to their take on sanity- and for this utter pursuit- show that they absolutely believed what they taught.

Those who use words like liberty- use a word referring to freedom- therefore- whenever the status quot changes- that which is more liberal changes- and also that which is more traditional or conservative.

Orthodoxy- the form given by God- is the pursuit of truth with all our soul, and body- and manifestation of this in obedience to sanity in truth in every moment of existence.

True Orthodoxy is the pursuit of truth above all else- not scientific truth- nor philosophical truth- but rather truth itself- which manifest so often in the intuitive!

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