Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Indian Catholics under persecution- international community remains silent

( c.f. Zenit news, Vatican Radio, EWTN)
article by Marc Aupiais

The Indian government- and international community, especially Europe have been called upon to do more for the Christian communities in India, facing waves of mass violence- and who have been forced to flee to camps- under Hindu Extremist attacks. This includes the arrests of "sisters of charity" nuns- based on charges which proved false- by local authorities- and other events.

The Sisters of Charity are founded by Mother Theressa- and are known more for their charitible works than for evangelism-

The thousands of Christian homes and buildings burnt to the ground of late- are testimony to the sickening silence of the press on this issue- once again the international community is silent as a tactical genocide is being conducted.

Analysts believe the attacks could spread to Europe and other nations unless some action is taken!

South African Catholics need to pray for their own protection and that of Indian Christians- silence always aids the oppressor-

Whenever one is witness to persecution of Christians- or Catholics, or caimpaigns of disinformation as in India- it is the duty of the Catholic to stand firm- as Saint Paul writes in the Bible- "The spiritual man judges all things"-

We must not remain silent in this- or in any persecution of our faith!

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South African Catholic

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