Monday, December 29, 2008

Uganda, Africa:Catholic Churchgoers hacked to death: by Ugandan "Lord's Resistance Army": says Ugandan army

(Social Justice South Africa; Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Bloomberg (Secular) 29/12/2008 BBC World News (Non-religious) 29/12/2008; News 24 (Secular) 28/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Maybe 45, maybe 100 persons, in Uganda: have been hacked to death in a Catholic church, by the LRA: BBC reports that the Ugandan army reports: they were civilians, and non-combatants. The LRA has also been accused of other atrocities in the DRC ("Democratic Republic of Congo"), and is known for use of child soldiers, and has been accused of addicting child soldiers to drugs: to ensure loyalty. The reported attack was on the day after Christmas. Their leader is wanted to be tried for other atrocities: at the International Criminal Court!

The source quoted by BBC, appears to confirm, or at least agree with the press release by the Ugandan army. 45 bodies were found at the church itself, reports News 24, and Bloomberg. Over 185 are said to be dead in a three day blitz by the infamous rebels.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Authority of the bishop/ Merry Christmas

While we have reported on issues in South Africa, involving local bishops, and this is of not just one department: every citizen of the church is rightly bound to obey the just commands of bishops: nor does this mean there is always any recourse or purpose in such things: the bishop is given his authority, and that is just, and so: we must still love our bishops, even when we disagree with them. I truly hope that heresy, and pen rebellion against the Vatican will no longer be advertised by Priests in South Africa, and sold in Parishes without having to answer for their attacks on the Vatican, and the Pro-life movement: however: we are still rightly obligated to be at peace with our bishops, and to love them for their goodness. God bless, and merry Christmas: to our viewers, and our Bishops, and clergy in South Africa! And please pray for our brothers and sisters at the Southern Cross: to stop attacking Vatican Decisions, as is well documented overseas.

Marc Aupiais

Editor of South African Catholic,

and the Scripturelink group of sites!

Response of Cardinal Napier on certain abuses in South Africa; including anti-Vatican sentiments aired in the Southern Cross

Cardinal Napier was informed of a Priest who got his congregation to sing happy Birthday to a member of it, and got them to clap for success in a recent fund raiser: something directly condemned by Pope Benedict XVI: as meaning that all meaning of the mass is lost: the mass centering on the Eucharist:

"You are obviously French-speaking, and that is why some of the points that you make in your correspondence do not come across as clearly as they would need to. That is a problem that would best be overcome by first speaking to someone face to face and only then putting your thoughts to paper.
Regarding the issues that you raise, namely 1) cheering and clapping in the Church at Margate and 2) the orthodoxy of the Southern Cross’s editorial policy and practice.

1) Cheering and clapping in Church
The first thing to say is that anyone who attends Mass in St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, will know that it is quite common for the participants to cheer and applaud the Holy Father when he enters the Church for Mass, and that they do the same every time he mentions their country or nation in his message of greetings.
I had the good fortune to attend the African Synod held in St Peter’s in April-May 1994. The first thing that marked that Synod was the way in which Pope John Paul II accepted and even encouraged lively African style singing, which necessarily include ululating, cheering and clapping. I remember in particular that the choirs who sang at the opening and closing Masses used banjoes and drums among other instruments popular with African congregations.
The second element of good fortune that I attribute to the African Synod is proclamation of the principle of inculturation. Inculturation was introduced into Catholic thinking by Vatican II and was incorporated by the Holy Father in the post Synodal exhortation “Ecclesia in Africa”.
This important Church document sanctioned inculturation and then proceeded to spell out two criteria that were to be used to distinguish genuine from false inculturation. The first is “compatibility with the Gospel” and the second is “unity with the universal Church”.
So, the questions to be asked are: a) Is cheering and clapping incompatible with the Gospel? b) Does it break the unity of the particular Church with the universal Church?
I would say that in neither case does singing and clapping offend those two principles.
2) The orthodoxy of the Southern Cross
In this case I would argue that from time to time, and on given issues, editorial practice does not follow stated policy as closely as one would expect. At times there may be justifiable divergence of opinion, at other times it would seem that editorial independence is being given priority.
If you are a regular reader of the Southern Cross you will know that I have often expressed my concern at its anti-magisterial bias. I do not mean that it openly opposes Church teaching but like a nagging sore keeps on putting the world’s view rather than the Church’s. This is often done I would say rather by the choice of letter for publication rather than by direct editorial statements.
As you can see I am not a total fan of the Southern Cross, but I would not seek to shut it up. I would prefer to see ordinary Catholics take issue with its position by affirming their faith in letter that tell their faith stories. I am confident that these stories would reveal a reality that is very different from the reality which certain people are trying to present through the Southern Cross.
By the way, the parish of Margate is in the Diocese of Umzimkulu, and is in the capable hands of one of the best young priests in the country. He is very much in touch with me as Apostolic Administrator and together with the other members of the Presybterium of that Diocese is very involved in seeking way to ensure that the Mass is a lived experience of our faith in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ, which becomes actualized when we receive Holy Communion and carry over its effects into our daily life.

May I use this letter to offer you some advice, and I do so not to put you down, but to point you in the right direction, because I sense that you are genuinely concerned about your faith and the way your Church is living, teaching and passing it on.
“Try to be humble enough to see good in others, even when you don’t, or even can’t, agree with what you see them do or say”.
Why? Because it was the way Jesus interacted with the “sinners” of his time. It was the way he led them in great numbers to conversion them.
I am sure that a similarly humble, honest and compassionate approach will help you lead many more to conversion than your current approach, which falls more into the category of “hammering the heretics into orthodoxy.

With best wishes for a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year,

Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, OFM
Archbishop of Durban"
Email from the cardinal's office to a private individual: confirmed by our organization!

It was then pointed out that it was not the letters in the Southern Cross, which have been internationally condemned by the esteemed Trinity Communications, known for their connection, and the used of these by EWTN. No response was given.

While at time of publishing, no response was given, and while we have great respect for the Cardinal, we still are looking into what can be done on these issues, which we have got evidence of. We would like to remind our readers, that the bishops are the true heirs of the Apostles. Whether we agree or disagree: we cannot create animosity towards these men: only try the best we are able to obey our church, our pope first, and and then our bishops and others in line with Canon law. Much of what the Cardinal says is well said, and based on the experiences of a servant of the universal church. Perhaps, in future, something may be done, perhaps not.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Madrid, Spain, EU, Europe: Secular Spanish socialists seal icey grip on Christmas: Nativity scene latest in crackdowns on any religous symbolism

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. IOL (Non-Religious) 18/12/2008; BBC World News (Secular) __/__/__; South African Catholic 17/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Spain's socialist, and anti-religiously secularist government has done it again. Recently, a judge risked, and is contesting a three year jail term, and 18 year bar from practising, after refusing to give a child to a homosexual couple, desiring to adopt, despite the fact they were seen as incapable of being good parents. Other European persecution, includes the removal of many powers from Luxemberg's monarch: after he refused to legalize abortions. Spain itself, has forced the removal of crucifixes from public areas such as schools and universities, and is known for pro-abortion, pro-"homosexual" "Marriage" policies, and for socialist policies.

Now, when a state prosecutor erected a nativity scene in the prosecutors office, it was quite suddenly removed by a judge. No argument that Christmas was part of Spanish culture could prevent the removal.

Laws are being examined in Spain to further define what is implied by so-called "Separation of Church and State". Such policies, from their route in the French rebellion, have always had the obvious target of Catholicism, however the removal of power from a moral watchdog was aptly demonstrated in the Second World War, as was brought up, after a previously Fascist politician in Italy, accused the Vatican of not doing enough: despite Italy existing after militarially conquering the papal states (previous report 17/Dec/2008).

Islamic citizens in Spain, increasingly feel persecuted, as exemplified in the Madrid train bombings (c.f. BBC World News (Secular) __/__/__). Catholicism, however of late has borne the brunt of institutional attacks.

UN, New York: Defrocked, from his post as a Catholic Priest, personally by Pope John Paul II, for his post in a Marxist government:General Assembly President Fr. Miguel D'Escoto, now says he: "Receives" death threats after recently criticising USA and Israel!

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Reuters (Secular) 18/12/2008; LifeSiteNews 05/DEC/2008; UN Declaration on Genocide __/__/__)

Article by Marc Aupiais

When part of a left leaning," Sandinista National Liberation Front" marxist government, which overthrew their predecessors, but then had elections about 5 years later: in his own nation, D'Escoto accused the US of butchering his Nation, during a war, since then he has called George W. Bush, recently given special privilages on a visit to the Vatican, the Spiritual heir of Reagan, whom he (as a marxist government official): had apposed.

Awarding two pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality advocates in the UN for “outstanding contribution to the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms” (LifeSiteNews 05/DEC/2008) earlier this year, there was no naming of these people as butcherers. This despite their actions being defined as genocide in the UN definition.

He has also accused the Israeli government of treating the Palestinians in their territory, in the same manner as South Africans were treated by the Protestant Apartheid Government, previously in power in South Africa. D'Escoto has now claimed he is receiving death threats: without mentioning the source: to which he is being subdued to needs for new security measures: by.

Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, however has since taken offense: she has said that this is all lies, aimed at getting her not to attend the anniversary of the "Universal Declaration on human rights".

Catholics are free to present their own oppinions within reason, that does not make these the views of the church, however, Fr D'Escoto, was personally removed from the priesthood for his position in a marxist government. In fact, Gabriela Shalev, Israel's ambassador, who the defrocked priest's spokesperson has been accusing of slander for her statements, is also taking this seriously. The UN itself is taking new measures, to protect the defrocked priest, however, he is not the first UN official to make an enemy of Israel, or the United States: nor does that mean that they will automatically be the source of alleged death threats. He has made such emnity, not be religious belief, but via his attacks on the western world. He is viewed as advantageous to those supporting extreme left positions, however: he was elected, only from amongst South American competition: in accorance with a moving seat, and his only role is as a mediator of debate in the house. He has been accused of being partisan.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Italy, EU, Europe: Italian Speaker of house (who entered politics as a Fascist) Tries to place blame of WWII attrocities on Catholic: In another attack by the Italian establishment on the church

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. BBC World News (Secular) 17/12/2008; Other Stories covering it listed by Google News (Secular) :accessed by us: 17/12/2008; See What We See News Archive 17/12/2008; The British "Times" (secular) 17/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Gianfranco Fini, leader of what was once officially a "neo-fascist party" (BBC World News (Secular) 17/11/2008;The British "Times" (secular) 17/12/2008) "Alleanza Nazionale"(The British "Times" (secular) 17/12/2008) who BBC says droped his neo-Fascist agendas earlier in his career, in order to appeal to mainstream politics, has seemingly slipped back into old ways. As speaker of the Italian parliament, one of those parliaments in "Catholic" nations: in Europe: which has periodically of late passed laws hardly representative of a Catholic viewpoint, he now lays the blame for the deportion of the Jews, by the Fascists: to Nazi Germany: on the Vatican.

He says that the Vatican did not make any real effort to appose racial legislation, despite claims, aired in the article by the British "Times", that the Vatican made sharp condemnations of the laws.

Missing in his accusation, as "speaker" of the "Italian" "Parliament", is the fact the Italy exists, having militarially conquered the Vatican, and that it was a treaty by the Fascists during such rule of Italy's politics, when the Lateran treaty was created: confining the Vatican to what is now the country bearing its name. Also excluded are the many iniatives by the Pope of World War II, which: against established customs: caused Religious organizations of Catholics (such as nuns and others) on masse, especially religious organizations such as nunaries: to habor Jewish people.

Also missing is the fact that Vatican further condemnations, would have meant little at this time of persecution, the Vatican certainly could not have taken military action, what possible lack of action may be the source of the accusations is hard to immagine.

 Italy had kicked Catholicism out of that role via force, as it still does, via voices such as those of that man. This seems another anti-catholic attack, and the source of it, in a party, once known for its fascism: is revealing. Placing guilt on those who don't object loud enough, or can't object as they would have desired: is a typical strategy of those attempting to throw guilt away from themselves. Still, if there were guilt there might have been some place for apology: there is none: Pope Benedict XVI assures us of this, and we will see it ourselves, when the Secret Archive of the time are made public to scholars in a few years time. Currently, they are being organized.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Middle East, Eurasia: Iraqi Genocide on Christians: will disabilize the region: Archbishop Louis Sako: Italy

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. CNA 28/11/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

An Archbishops has noted the disastrous effects of the genocide against Christians, by radical Islamics. He notes, that Christians flee kidnappings, killings, rapes, murders: human rights abuses perpetrated on them. This is disastrous for relations throughout the region. He clearly does not believe America, or the Iraqi administration controls Iraq, where Christians are second class, (even what seems to many, although the Bishop did not say this directly is by human rights standards treated as subhuman) citizens: "dhimmi".

He believes that foreign terrorists control the country. His language hints that: as though they were a rat infestation, Christians are persecuted, and hunted down: but really, are only a scapegoat for those seeking an Islamist state.

This information is from a conference on inter-religious dialogue: in Italy.

Thailand: Cardinal: catholics should follow conscience about anti-government protests, but not act in name of the church

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. UCAN News 28/11/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

A representative of the Church in Thailand, has informed media, that Catholics should follow their conscience about efforts to dispose the Thai government, however: they are not to act in the name of the church. These statements are in line with Catholic procedures.

In Thailand: protesters want a new administration, making allegations against the current one, and taking an airport by force.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Orissa, India, Asia: Christian Death Toll breaks 100 mark: 118 dead according to "reliable sources"

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. News 24 (secular)25/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Of about a 50 000 or so population which fled homes in Orissa, under heavy persecution for religious views: by Hindu Nationalist fundamentalists: 10 000 currently reside in internal refugee camps, into which attacks have been recorded as succeeding. According to News 24, at least 91 corpses have been identified, while another 27 are confirmed dead by what they deemed reliable sources.

The violence follows the assassination of a radically anti-Christian leader, who was killed by Maoist rebels. After his death, Hindu Extremists: used this as fuel on which to intensify persecution of Christians. Training camps for millitia have been set up, and recruiting of anti-Christian millitia continues. The Indian Government has been accused by sources on the ground of a mass cover-up, and of negligence, over the entire situation. A major Hindu political party also attacked the papacy for prayers for peace in Orissa, using a classical power game: claiming that India is "sovereign", as though this extended to some right to kill others, or watch them die.

Violence in Orissa, is condemned by major religions in the area, including less radical Hindu leaders.

Mexico, Latin America: Mexico's "Catholic" population: does it again: free murder, and a bit of heresy from priests

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Reuters (secular) 25/11/2008; Reuters (secular)23/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Heterodox versions of a "Catholicism" of sorts, reigns not only with Mexico's senate, which recently legalized euthanasia, in the Latin American nation, but also among people who should be Catholic. On the 23rd of November, Reuters reported on a Catholic priest, who blessed transvestites on the way to a festival where they dress as such and wonder around, an open sign of disobedience to the Vatican. It is a festival, the Catholic conquerors of Mexico banned early, which went underground. Mexico city is also one of the few cities in Latin America, where abortion is legal.

All three of these situations, if Reuters is correct in their reporting of them: can easily fall under condemnation of dogma. Inculturation never extends to adopting parts of a culture which are contrary to Catholicism, and it is rituals like these: for which the ancient Israelis were to kill their fellows, showing in essence a clear, direct condemnation in the bible, and therefore in Catholic tradition: of such. In the modern time, what is needed is repentance and confession among those in Mexico, who have abandoned their heritage.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spain, Europe: Secular Government persecutes Catholics via "Crucifix" ruling

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. EuroNews (Secular) 25/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In a "historic" ruling, a Spanish court has ruled to allow to have crucifixes removed from classrooms in schools and even universities, according to it's "secular" constitution, the representation of the Catholic church in the country sees it as persecution.

Spain also recently created a child purely to be a blood bank, as it is gradually betraying its Catholic heritage via a secularism, which is not a treaty between diverse groupings, but a tool used to silence religion, by a government and legal system which sees moral objections of religious to be threats. Spain allows abortion, and "marriage" between homosexuals. In allowing the first, politicians voting for it more than likely excommunicated themselves, just as ordinary citizens would for voting for them knowing what they would do. The second also shows what the Catholic church considers a heretical view. According to the papacy: religion must never be repressed: it is not the role of the state to define moral or scientific truths, but to listen to those who specialize in these fields.

This is the latest in a long line of judgments against church, morality and God. Secularism is not the destruction of religion, but a system where religious groups live in harmony. Spain therefore cannot be defined as secular, but simply as having an irreligious, even atheistic legal system, and administration, if this ruling is allowed, as it has been.

As it is, the constitution allows for separation of church and state: L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican state's national newspaper, has called this a judgment: motivated purely by hatred of religion itself, and not by the constitution of Spain, which EuroNews notes: allows for separation of religion and state.

Monday, November 24, 2008

India, AsiaNews.IT: Vishwa Hindu Parishad "Training" combattants: bounties out for killing Christians, as Hindu nationalists aim at finishing their Ge

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa ; Philippine Bishops' Conference News (CBCP News)23/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Vishwa Hindu Parishad, whose claims are a central motivator for the Orissa violence, as violence is said to be an "act" of "revenge" against Christians for the death of a leader of the group, even though it is Maoist Rebels, who have claimed responsibility for the assassination: is now rumored to be creating "centers" of sorts, where youth can "learn" to be more effective in attacks on those professing Christianity. This is, according to the Philippine's Bishops' news service's source in this, based on an article by AsiaNews. The development, follows others in the region around Orissa, India.

Efforts, by the vengeful Hindu Nationalist groupings, in which the VHP has been accused of playing a role: at getting rid of remaining slithers of Christian influence, wealth and livelihood, include relatively inexpensive bounties on still professing Christians, as well as on Priests: such as US 250 per priest, or else basic necessities are traded for some acts of violence.

Illegal activities: for which Indian hit men, are supposedly to get paid for, in anti-Christian attacks, include burning down churches, or the slaying of important Christians. Previously, what seemed to be ideologically motivated volunteers would carry out attacks, these continue also, but, of late: their influence has yet to kill every Christian. Also, volunteers, generally hurt, or chase Christians, but are less prone to be effective killers.

Those who are getting paid for attacks are not paid wealthy sums, desperation, and self interest still cannot be ruled out in the attacks. Some have linked these to the destructions wrought on the cast system in Orissa, by the conversion of Christians to Christianity. Others have noted the appropriation of property by attackers, which could be seen as opportunism.

This latest development: is as winter comes around the corner, and Christians are lucky if left to suffer as internal refugees, in camps, which dispatches from on earlier dates have alleged to be: as unsafe, and prone to attacks. The fleeing persecuted's own houses have often been taken over by perpetrators of attacks, as with some of their goods. The Indian government is at this late hour: fronting claims of a special task force to protect Christians, the reality of these claims is yet to be seen in the future if lives are saved, as over 50 000 Christians have been adversely affected, and at last count: dozens had died. The attacks were already happening in September.

It could be hoped that: training camps, much like those run by militants at one stage in Afghanistan: aimed, in this case at Hindu Nationalists, attempting to kill Christians with more primitive weapons, even crude weapons: including swords, would not be successful in wiping out what remains of a persevering Christian outpost, in such a region of such a country, a country, whose government has, according to sources on the ground: been negligent at best at preventing deaths, and has been accused of a coverup over the genocide, by an important local church representation, which alleges this is to cover up the negligence with which local officials handled the situation.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Media and a non-democratic religion... give it some thought- we are not the same as our secular counterparts!

(Journey in a Broken World; Catholic Watchdog South Africa; Media Study South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Our non-related Sister in Catholic journalism in South Africa- South Africa's Catholic Weekly, whom we sometime agree with, and sometimes really disagree with- the Southern Cross has two interesting editorials this week. Those who know me usually know that the word interesting often is a slur with me, and today I am somewhat disappointed in what we can expect to read this Sunday, when we buy the paper from our local churches.

I read two editorials, both of which are critical of the Vatican- one almost begging for women priests, and rebuking the Vatican for no taking action against "pedophile" priests, the other attacking the introduction of psychological testing in seminaries, saying it discourages homosexuals from the priesthood- because the guidelines aim at ensuring well fit priests for the job. Sadly, neither article is in line with what Catholic Culture would define as high fidelity. The same newspaper which attacked the view of the church on condoms, and I may add that the church has a much better scientific argument than the pro-condom advocates, is now attacking two policies in one week. The fact remains that it is an Excathedra statement of Pope John Paul the Second- which declares that the church has now not, nor ever will have any right to create "women priests", like divorce- a woman priest is something the church cannot ordain. The issue is closed.

So is it wrong to excommunicate those who support women priests- no, if they are in heresy, it is only fair to do so. The Southern Cross then says that the church should get rid of the sexual offenders, and stop mistreating the supporters of women priests, but is this mistreatment?

Canon law clearly excommunicates automatically all who ordain or are ordained as women priests. Canon law has a different penalty for sexual abuses. In other words, for the one, the people already are kicked out of the church- and this means the church believes they will very likely end their life with the devil in hades if they do not get re-infused into the church by correct ceremony. A priest who absolves his sexual partner of their sexual sin is also automatically excommunicated, except in danger of death.

An active homosexual lifestyle, is not only proven to shorten the lifespan, and contribute to levels of sexual disease, but also is directly condemned in the New and Old testaments, and in every statement on the matter by the church, from the earliest times, to Vatican II, to today!

As for homosexuality and the priesthood, the Southern Cross misinterprets the same document we ourselves have reported on. Its purpose is not to root out homosexuals, but to root out sexual predators, and those who cannot control their urges. Unless the Southern Cross wants to appose the papacy and Vatican II's authority, they must agree that the church should have no interest whatsoever in appointing men to the priesthood who will break with celibacy, yet already they seem in danger of Canon 1373, and 1371, of creating animosity against the papacy, or bishops over an act of ecclesiastical authority.

So, how does the Catholic media keep their superiors accountable, and the answer is- we don't.

In a democracy- freedom of speech is a vital sector of society, in an autocracy, it has a different purpose. The Catholic media is not a watchdog waiting to pounce on the church and call for resignations. We are called to respect authority above us. I certainly appose the South African Bishop who went around promoting condoms, even in other countries, and i have a right to, so what do I mean we are not a watchdog?

I mean- we are not telling people how to vote in the next bishop or pope, we don't vote for these, we just obey them or walk! The system is not a democracy, and so the subjects need a different sort of information.

If a bishop teaches heresy, they must be named and shamed- in such a way as to encourage repentance, counter their harm, and inform their superiors. If a bishop says something that is valid, you should not try to create animosity to them, as though this institutes change.

The role of our secular brothers- is to safeguard their democracies, the role of the Catholic media is to safeguard the pillar and foundation of our truth- our autocracy.

Where a bishops apposes a valid act of the papacy, by all means- we must appose this bishop, and not give him good press, but if we disagree with the bishop or papacy on a valid point- we have no right to publicly whip them in the press.

The sin of detraction, and the law of the church cautions one validly about media circuses and also that we are not to interfere via force in valid ecclesiastical choices and decisions. We may appose some of them- but have no right to appose dogmas such as the celibate male priesthood- the "enuchs made so by God" (Jesus of Nazareth).

It is not the media who runs the church, but the validly ordained bishops- we may advise- but in an autocracy- in general- it is best to give people the information to best cope with what superiors have said. If we are trying to move public opinion to gain our goal, against the wishes of the Vatican- then we do not want an autocracy, but a democracy. Democratic religion is so strongly condemned by the early Christians, and the bible, that we shall not mention it. Simply, a democratic religion changes truth.

I am disappointed in what the Southern Cross will distribute in our parishes this Sunday, as it is, we already have such troubles in Southern Africa, our country and church. Driving a larger wedge between the Magisterium and the laity will not help the situation, and yet our media seems so certain of their solution to the problem, that they seem almost oblivious to the idea that the Vatican has already investigated it. Condoms have a proven success rate in increasing aids, or so I am lead to believe by statistics- whereby Uganda is conquering the disease via abstinence, and in South Africa we simply get more of the disease through our condom happy campaigns.

History has shown time and again- Orthodoxy is potent- it spreads the faith and hurts persecution. If we are to solve the actual crisis in the modern church- I might suggest covering up our bishops actual gaps- by education the Catholic populace in Orthodoxy, as EWTN does on Radio Veritas, as our bishops would need to appreciate, as we are obeying their position by this. Let us be true Watchdogs- knowing that Watchdogs are loyal to their owners, and eat biscuits, and nice bowls of doggy food. Let us mimic our pope in Catholic media, let us be "God's Rottweilers"- watching not on our cultural desires, but keeping an eye on the dignity of the human person- and never letting it be attacked, even by someone attacking their own divine dignity. Our aid is at truth, not politics, not opinion, and as Catholics we believe that comes from tradition (I Timothy III verse XV). Our job is to spread the gospel and the truth, but we must realize that the church is pillar and foundation of this. Our basis must not be human rights, but human dignity, not kindness, but truth.

I invite my brothers at the Southern Cross to a new evangelism- how about next week publishing a justification of the Male celibate priesthood, and of the Vatican's choice to screen priests to end abuses more fully. Since when should catholics care about the "right" of gay people to be priests- no one has a right to be a priest- only the church has this right to appoint people. I truly am disappointed today.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

EuroNews, Reuters, UK Times, ETC- Northern Spain- Opus Dei founded Navarre university suffers sixth attack by Spanish Separatistys (ETA)

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. EuroNews (Secular)30/10/08; Reuters (Secular) 30/10/08; International Herald and Tribune (Secular) 30/10/08)

Founded by the founder of Opus Dei, Josemaria Escriva' about 56 years ago- The Navaree university, in the region bordering France, has for the sixth time suffered a bomb attack from Spanish separatists- the Basque group ETA.

The car bomb killed no one, but injured between 17 and 22 people- mostly with flying shards of glass. Smoke was seen lighting the air like ashes from a volcano, or more like rising smoke from a steam train. Students Left the building, notably some were phoning others as they evacuated from the canvas.

An unclear phone call was made to authorities before the blast, which caused them to redirect traffic, however they estimated the location of the attack incorrectly, evacuating the wrong university- Vitoria. This follows recent busting of an ETA cell, which police had claimed were prepared for a terrorist strike.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

India- I was Raped, publically shown naked in front of police, who did nothing, I will not co-operate- Nun, who refuses to co-operate with Police.

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. The Star 24/10/08; Sunday Independent 24/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Speaking to international media, an Indian Nun, who is said to have been captured, raped and paraded around naked, next to a priest, by a large amount Hindu Fundamentalists, in Orissa, India on the 25th of August 2008, says she will not co-operate with India's Police. She says that police were present when she was paraded naked in public by the mob, and that the police did nothing. These claims are almost mirror images of claims by other nuns (Sisters of Charity- founded by Blessed Mother Theressa), who were captured by a mob, and turned over to police on charges that they had kidnapped orphans in their care. The nuns were held without evidence, and were promptly able to show papers to prove their case. police still were not sympathetic.

Other sources claim that refugee camps are not protected, this due to the fact that attacks have been recorded by journalists to reach within the camps. The Archbishop of the capital of Orissa, Bhubaneswar- Archbishop Cheenath, has of late- claimed that there was more of the appearance of a government cover-up over guilt of officials in the genocide, in a recent inquiry, than efforts to bring about law and justice. The many deaths, are claimed by many Catholic bishops to be partly due to the way the government has handled the situation, and victims often claim that police or government personnel were nearby when they were attacked, but did nothing.

The Indian government is in the habit of not mentioning, in death reports- that those suffering attacks are Christians. A prominent Indian Hindu Nationalist Party, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), also recently attacked prayers for peace in the region by Catholic pope Benedict XVI- insinuating that the Vatican was not within their rights, by in their statements- including that religious leader should not say anything, and that India is a "sovereign" nation, as though this entitled the exclusion of foreign calls for laws to be enforced, not against the oppressed, but for basic human rights to be safeguarded.

Other articles- Maoist Rebels claim responsibility for death used to create the genocide

South African daily Newspaper version of the Sunday Times, the "Times" airs antagonistic article critisizing sainting of Indian Saint, and ignoring Indian Genocide

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. antagonistic article at The Times 26/10/08 (While we have saved the address of this article for future reference, we will not link to it in articles))

Article by Marc Aupiais

It is titled "Christian church is obsessed with race", and so we could already see the bias of an article published, and evidence was then proof saved securely as evidence by our systems- of the antagonistic article in the "Times", the new daily service of South Africa's "Sunday Times".

In an article which calls naming a saint from India, an Indian Saint "White Supremacist", and completely ignores that perhaps nations are given honour by the fact that Holy people have lived there, and which entirely ignores any mention of the current anti-Christian Genocide in India, an article appearing in the Times, the new daily version of the Sunday times, lashes out at Christianity, and in particular Catholicism.

The new daily newspaper already has used its platform to do something which we can only disapprove of. Please inform us of further bias as evident in news-media.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Multi-choice- a look at DSTV / Mnet's track-record with the church

(Media Study South Africa; c.f. Catholic Watchdog South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I personally enjoy watching DSTV, I love Carte Blanche, and its power to do good- and not simply because of the French name- and enjoy the variety. What I don't enjoy is the many somewhat suspect movies I have seen on DSTV as regards the Roman Catholic church- from the religious sponsored movie Luther- a completely inaccurate, especially if accurate were Luther's diary of the events, or that of historic sources- depiction of the life of Martin Luther- in which the main Character calls Roman Catholic "friendly" Rome at the time hell, and the pope the devil, or something as bad, to "Saved", and its odd depiction of Christianity, to screening the Davinci Code- to the movie "Breach"- which could well be accurate, as apparently based on a true story- with a main character who is spying on the US, and belongs to Opus Dei it seems. I also think I saw the film Primeval Fear or something on one of their channels- which was not agreeable with my senses, also notable is Kingdom of Heaven and its portrayal of the Church.

A while ago I tried to ask DSTV to add EWTN Global Catholic Television Network, who seemingly supply their service freely- to their television bouquet. I was unsuccessful. There are so many channels with a Evangelical Baptism/Fundamentalist/"Non-denominational denomination" type of feel on their network- that I thought one Catholic, even Anlglican or Lutheran Television station would be just fairness, but I see neither very many Catholic movies, nor many Catholic channels on DSTV.

A channel which is Catholic is Audio channel 170 on DSTV- Radio Veritas- a certainly loyal station, when it comes to obeying South Africa's bishops- which sometimes propagates information contrary to what I have been able to research of history- but none the less propagated by diocesan sources. I also heard it playing music by Justin Timberlake and Madonna (Four Seconds to Save the World) some time ago- but the announcer seemed to be Portuguese, perhaps they thought it appropriate, and the station itself does not claim only to play catholic music- or only music from organizations who promalgate Trinitarian Baptism- as seen in their playing Mormon or other music.

All they promise is the "good news and good music for a change".

One of the problems with Veritas- is that they were interviewing a person from Catholics for Truth, who are hosted on our Archdiocese' evangelism website, who stated-

"As the church became more institutionalised, the gifts of the Spirit became less common and were seen only in the lives of the great “Saints’. Some, such as St Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD) initially thought that they were meant only for the early Church, to “kick-start” her, so to speak. However, he later withdrew this opinion in his Retractions, when he himself witnessed the gifts in abundance in his own Diocese. It was apparent to him then that the gifts occurred where people had expectant faith."

The page is now only accessibly in Google cache- as the entire "evangelism" site has been closed down without any warning we can tell of.

Also this is stated in perhaps only slightly different words on the radio station, by a person interviewed. These words were not repudiated. One may use scripturelink to search on this- but the manifest fact was Augustine went to such pains to prove the gifts of the early Christians- because he had no examples to use if EWTN is to be believed.

We ourselves have countered these claims on:

This said- Veritas is run by persons within the church, in this I speak of contact I have had with representation of the station- who truly seem dedicated to their tasks- even if those interviewed, or quoted are sometimes doctrinally incorrect- it is good of DSTV to host them.

What point is there in noting this- it lies in believing that what DSTV screens with their news and entertainment is the full spectrum- it is not, nor is it normal for so many films, including a recent screening "Absolution" to be played on a network without any real opposite viewpoint portrayed. It is odd that this should be permitted, and sad that DSTV has not addressed the issue so apparent- in that someone within their buying department or whatever controls their films and programs- has somehow decided to buy rights to such caliber films to screen, and to choose such channels, that it seems some groups are oddly favoured.

All of this said- I still do enjoy watching DSTV- and sadly- just as a certain and in the case of the example, though not DSTV- infamous channel- CBS chose to air Joan of Arcaidia- a clearly Catholic program, so DSTV also has Veritas- more than this it has BBC, whose news is often accurate, and many useful channels. Until a better competitor, and for that matter, one very positive toward faith, and reason- is allowed in the Market- DSTV is still has a wider selection than many.

DSTV's KTV is very well managed- and probably for quality- permit that their programs seem sometimes to be more than a decade old as long as they are suitable, or seem to be for children.

So- ultimately- the weaknesses in DSTV lie in their selection of films, and their over-emphasis on a very small minority religion's perspective in South Africa- while ignoring that of larger groups to some extent- so that this has only appeared on an Audio Channel, and maybe in a few programs on networks they air.

Some links on sources:

Message Board Conversation where some viewers of movies discuss their views. Not all movies in this discussion have relevance
The Film Luther Reviewed
Veritas on DSTV
Radio Veritas
Refutation of statements on Augustine from good sources

Monday, October 20, 2008

Israeli leading party in Anti-Catholic media brawl

(Scripturelink Voters Guide; Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. BBC World News 20/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

BBC is reporting that a large number of pictures combined in a montage as one- of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI have been placed, covered in symbols of Nazi Germany on a website run by supporters of Yalla Kadima, Israel's most popular political party. This follows previous attacks by Israelis on the courageous efforts of Pope Pius XII, which involved the risk of his own life to defend Jews undergoing at the time Nazi persecution, in which they said he could have "done more", some of these earlier attacks came from the first non-Christian, a Jewish speaker- ever invited to a recent Catholic Synod on the bible. Pope Pius XII is being considered for canonization.

According to the BBC- the Israeli government considers the Vatican to be "pro-Palestinian" and there are issues between Holy Mother church- and Israel such as problems with visas, as well as disagreements over taxation of church properties.

Tzipi Livni, the leader of the party some of whose supporters placed the images on a website used by activists of the party, who is trying to become Israel's prime minister- is said to have personally asked for the removal of the montage. Apparently, according to a spokesperson claiming to represent the leader of the party concerned, just before the montage was removed that is- the views expressed on the site are not an accurate reflection of the views of the party. It is odd- that when attempting to promote Jewish interests, as regards the Holocaust - that those responsible should themselves partake in the defamation of religious figures- and the propagation of negative sentiments of another's religion- especially as this is the very foundation of the Holocaust they experienced.

Other issues with Israel reported- include the wording of the "Yad Vashem" holocaust memorial- which is less than kind to Pope Pius XII, and represents a view of the World War II pope- which the Vatican cannot possibly agree with- based (The Vatican's view that is) on the actual history of what occured.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Delegates to Catholic bible synod include Jewish speaker, and Protestants, as well as Our Othodox Brothers

(Journey In a broken World; c.f. Catholic Culture 03/10/08; Vatican Information Services 03/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

With the article from the Vatican itself emphasizing the amount of feminine experts attending- the Church will on Sunday have opened their 12th "general assembly of the Synod of Bishops"( Catholic Culture 03/10/08).

Events include a Jewish Rabbi who will speak of the Jewish perspective on scriptures. Also attending are many experts, as well as delegates from the Eastern Orthodox churches, Lutherans, Anglicans, and others.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Communist Vietnam- government further insults bishops

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Catholic Culture;

Article by Marc Aupiais

The communist government of Vietnam has taken the same path of Zimbabwe- in insulting Catholic bishops for works of the faithful. On state news- the government lambasted efforts to regain church land, particularly an ambassadorial building of the highest permanent diplomatic position in the church.

Vietnamese prime minister- Nguyen Tan Dung claimed that the archbishop of Hanoi had broken laws and the constitution, and damaged Vietnam's reputation- he said the bishops were pleased with relations, and aimed to further aid them. He left out the bishops support of the archbishop, and acted as though this were purely an issue with the Archbishop, whom he called for the disposing of by the Church. Vietnam, like other countries under communism, an ideology labeled as evil by Mother church- continues to clash with Catholics.

Recently mobs of communist youth disrupted a prayer meeting outside of the building- with police securing it with iron barriers, and carrying off church artifacts.

Vietnamese citizens continue to gain a corrupted image of reality from their media organizations- who recently also misquoted church officials before this.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Commentary- Creative Minority Report- Science needs to pass the you're not special test!

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Creative Minority Report)

Article By Marc Aupiais


The Following article is a commentary, which does not neccessarially reflect the view of this service.

Now everything I say here is based on what I read at Creative Minority report, and personal views, I am not a quantum physicist, so I don't really know!


Another oddity in science, yes I love the word oddity, but it is a good word to describe things we don't think should be as they are- and I don't think this should be as it is.

It's called the "Copernican principle", or as Creative Minority Report notes- The "We're not special principle". It's a principle that often plays out in movies- when the good looking chap looks at the lady, or where a High School Musical scene emerges- not that we don't disagree with Disney's views on religion, and abortion, but the point is- when something says you're special- mankind says fairytale. Now, I by no means support creationism- the idea sounds more like Evangelical Fundamentalism's apologetics, PR department than science, but I do find it odd that we should have such a principle. Another principle is that the most likely, simple solution to a problem probably is the solution- but to me that sounds like guesswork. We believe, and I adhere to the idea that all we have came from the big bang. An Evangelical Fundamentalist I disagree with heavily states- "Nothing Exploded" as if it disproved this wondrous science, and I think- yes- is not the big bang the ultimate proof of God- that nothing should become everything- surely- Nothing must have been altered by Reality- surely- Reality must have made the universe out of nothing. I have actually converted someone to Christianity on the spot, by discussing my belief in the Big Bang- because this mystery has to lead to God.

Now back to the concept discussed by Matthew Archbold, over at Creative Minority Report-

There is a theory that the Earth is located in a low cosmic pressure zone, which apparently could explain all these anomolies about time seeming to alter, or things going faster than the speed of light- now I am the first person to decry creationism- but if this is the simplest solution, and could answer the question, and I am no expert at science- then why should we exclude it as possible based purely on the fact that it makes the earth slightly different. Of course we are different- how else could evolution have occured, we as a planet with life have to be different from ones which have none. Of course, Matthew may be wrong, and we may not have the entire picture- but if the Cinderella shoe fits, why not cautiously investigate if it really is so?

Of course- I do not endorse such a theory myself- but really- I am fascinated by this other "Copernican principle", if it really exists, please someone send me more on it- yes, we must be cautious when the cosmic good looking girl science waves at us, and check before waving back, but if this is true- then its sad not to wave simply to avoid embarrassment. In Fact, I'd even rather wave if she wasn't waving at me, after all- it doesn't need to be releasing anything- but investigating it may lead onto another theory, and waving at girls at least gets their attention!

Creative Minority Report: Google & Gay Marriage

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa;Creative Minority Report: Google & Gay Marriage - A Catholic Blog: Religion, Politics, Current Events, Humor, and more.)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Sadly- Google, who had tried to ban anti-abortion ads on abortion searches, and still have those revolting anti-Catholic ads- which are actually against our rights in South Africa-

has done it again-

They are saying they are in favor as an organization- of Gay Marriage in California.

Sadly- such comments create such hostile environments- not only to Catholics still working at Google- but also to the truth itself- enshrined in our Faith, and in all but the most liberal dictionaries.

Marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman, not a man and a dog, or lizard, or corpse, or man? No, that is simply a relationship. Sadly- we see more persecution of truth by those lying about giving choice- choice must always be subject to reason!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Holy See- use Technology to the benefit of man

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; Catholic Culture 30/09/08; Vatican Information Service 30/09/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Catholic Culture reports- that in announcing their theme for "World Day Of Social Communications"(Sunday 31 May 2009)(Vatican Information Service 30/09/08)- the Vatican emphasizes building relationships, dialog and friendship.

Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, is the source of these words, and pointed out that the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, believes media can create the atmospheres that create dialog and trust.

Rome- Synod to focus on bible

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; Southern Cross (Fidelity issues, link removed: new link explains why) 01/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In light of the coming synod on the Bible, the Southern Cross- is emphasizing the role of the bible in the church. What is not mentioned in their article- is that one of the Oldest popular Catholic bibles- the Douay Rheims- was published before the King James version, or that many of the so-called bible translators- were killed not for translating- something common at the time- but rather for heresy, schism, opposition to church and state- and a revolting appetite for mocking Catholic practice. They were of course killed according to the biblical principal that Aquinas emphasizes- that when acting for justice- and as just authority- a just authority- and not an average citizen- for the good of the nation's people- in Catholic morality has the right to rid the nation of such a citizen (c.f. Augustine- Just War).

Certain anti-Catholic groups may particularly focus on people such as Wycliff- whose translation was so bad- that the Catholic church had him killed. Wycliff was also a heretic- who certainly was not a modern Protestant in belief, or Tyndale- whose bible was such a purposeful mistranslation- to support Martin Luther, and whose footnotes were so anti-Catholic- that not only did Henry the 8th appose him as a heretic, before and after his split with the church, but he was eventually arrested by the secular "Holy Roman Empire"'s representatives and killed- at a time when the church had a waning influence in England (This Rock Magazine 2002;).

In fact- for all the bible martyrs fronted by those apposing the views of the church- there is a similar story.

To be in any real hatred of the Catholic church- one often must discount reason and history!

Another appearance of Catholic disrespect from the bible came about when the American government made the King James Version compulsory in schools- forcing Catholics of the time to veto these classes out of obedience to their bishops.

Further Reading


Translations on both sides

Related to Tyndale- perils of the "Left Behind" Series, and it's apparent links with anti-catholicism- according to Catholic Answers Apolostate

Indian, and Asian continent Bishops again appeal for aid on violence!

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; Agenzia Fides 29/09/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The Asian Catholic Bishops- representing the entirety of the Asian continent's Catholic Bishops- have repeated unsuccessful appeals by Indian Bishops, and international Catholic sources to bring an end of the anti-Christian Genocide occurring in large regions of India. The Federation of Asian Bishops voiced their concerns- and noted that India's constitution should invoke their protection, saying that Christians too are citizens of India who should be entitled to protection from religious violence!

There has yet to be retaliatory attacks from the Christians, who have been urged to take non-violent means, peace and forgiveness. These Perpetrators of Human dignity- must be brought under strict punishment, surely- we must pray that these poor persons- whose only crime is hope in Christ- may survive this harsh genocide!

Their statements may be seen here:

India- More persecution of Christians- Nun dies after fleeing to jungle

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Catholic World News 29/09/08 as seen at Catholic Culture)

Article by Marc Aupiais

After contracting Malaria in the jungle among Christian refugees fleeing the Anti-Christian Hindu Extremist mobs- who have burnt over 4 000 Christian homes, and killed directly and indirectly- many Christians- 30 year old nun- Sister Mable, died of Malaria- despite getting to a hospital.

The Indian Government has set up 14 refugee camps. Christian refugees report that these camps are not safe- with attacks succeeding within these as well- and therefore many Christians have fled to the jungles.

Refugees face daily threats to their existence- and not only from mobs, who force conversions, but from nature, having fled to places in the jungle.

The international community has yet to mention this recent genocide- in any way so as to reach us! To prove to the mops that their conversion really "has" happened- Christians must take violent actions against peers, and sign- lying that of their own free will they convert to Hinduism.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Vietnam- communists- still clash with Catholics- Vietnamese Government won't return Catholic Diplomatic Building- Take Catholic Artifacts

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Catholic Culture; UCAN News; CNS 01/02/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Catholic Culture, basing an article on the United Catholic Asian News service reports more trouble in Vietnam.

Catholics in Vietnamese Ha Noi, were mobbed by Communist youth, as the Vietnamese Government confiscated a cross and statue of the Madonna- from a former nunciature, which the government had promised in February to return to the church. The symbols of faith were placed under a tree months ago after prayer.

The Catholics were praying outside of Iron Barriers erected by the communist government, outside the disputed building. Communism is considered an evil ideology by the Church. The building was surrounded by hundreds of police- apparently seeing the catholics as a threat- these were supported by communist youths- who forced the praying Catholics back. Prayer is a powerful weapon- but this shows just how far certain governments are prepared to go to protect their own interests.

A nunciature is the building in which a nuncio resides, the highest rank of diplomat from the Holy See- dispatched permanently to a Civil Authority.

Pope- Giving Catholic church religious liberty helps everyone

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Zenit New Service)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Speaking to the Czech Ambassador to the Holy See (Vatican City State), the Pope today congratulated the Czech government on progress made with religious rights, but called for further liberty to to be given to Catholics, the Ex-Communist country's government still owns lands the church claims as her own. Communist regimes were famous for confiscating Catholic and other lands.

Pope- Giving Catholic church religious liberty helps everyone

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Zenit New Service)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Speaking to the Czech Ambassador to the Holy See (Vatican City State), the Pope today congratulated the Czech government on progress made with religious rights, but called for further liberty to to be given to Catholics, the Ex-Communist country's government still owns lands the church claims as her own. Communist regimes were famous for confiscating Catholic and other lands.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bishop gives admirable speech- to gay audience that invited him

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Creative Minority Report; Cal Catholic Daily)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Sacramento Coadjutor Bishop Jaime Soto recently was keynote speaker at a gay and lesbian catholics conference in America- where he was expected by many to do what some American bishops have done on issues ranging from salvation, to the mass, to abortion- and endorse the heretical* view of the group....

Instead- and I will quote his words of wisdom, and disapproval of the sin these poor persons where they manifested a heretical* view of marriage and were perhaps are separated from the Ecclesiam by-

"[Cal Catholic Daily] But there was noting ambiguous about Bishop Soto’s remarks to the group. “Sexual relations between people of the same sex can be alluring for homosexuals, but it deviates from the true meaning of the act and distracts them from the true nature of love to which God has called us all,” Bishop Soto said. “For this reason, it is sinful. Married love is a beautiful, heroic expression of faithful, life-giving, life-creating love. It should not be accommodated and manipulated for those who would believe that they can and have a right to mimic its unique expression."

At least five members of the audience walked out during the bishop’s address. When he finished speaking, there was general silence -- with only a very small number applauding.

The chairman of the conference then announced that the bishop would answer questions at a reception that would be held in another room. That led to widespread expressions of disapproval from members of the audience, who said they wanted to be able to express their responses immediately. It was agreed that those who wanted to speak would line up. The bishop was told twice by the chairman that he was free to leave if he wanted -- or to stay and listen. Bishop Soto stayed and sat quietly listening to every response.

A series of about eight speakers came to the microphone to express their unhappiness with what the bishop had said -- and what they felt he had not said. One woman said, in essence, "We know what the Church says. What we wanted you to talk about is the value of our lived experience as lesbian women and gay men."

Two speakers -- one man and one woman -- thanked the bishop for his address and voiced their agreement with what he had to say.

While the audience members were responding to the bishop’s remarks, a board member of the National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian and Gay Ministries came up to one of the tables in the room and said, "On behalf of the board, I apologize. We had no idea Bishop Soto was going to say what he said.""

*Official church definition- one who rejects a doctrine they are obligated to believe

90% of JHB Archdiocese Catholics in substance of Mortal sin, and lack of priests?

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Statistics apparently from the recent Synod- say only 100 000 of the 1 000 000 Catholics in the Archdiocese regularly attend mass- as not attending mass on purpose is a mortal sin- this is very serious.

Some parishes only can have communion once every three months-

This is because of a shortage of priests- our local seminary has had to close large sections- and two schools have become one.

What's the problem- well- we think people need to stop watering down the faith- or lying about the seriousness of sin- if people knew they would go to hell for certain actions, many wouldn't do as they do...

Sadly- often the culprits are representatives of the church- and the diocese, to whom we have sent twice reports of misuse of authority- does not usually respond well- we have even been told to join in, having reported an incident- when on holiday I and another attended a mass where the priest encouraged the parish to commit an abuse of the mass, and also sang happy birthday to a parishioner (a seemingly common event).

One of our foundational doctrines is Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Sallus- outside the sacraments and the church- there is no salvation- except to those who for no fault of their own are not actively in union with the Divine teachings of the church! We are told to attend mass on sundays and days of obligation- and to attend confession yearly.

The issue is grave and until we determine to halt our politically correct talk- or stop the craziness of not preaching, or at least speaking of our religion- a secular value- disobedient to the gospel- we will continue to see short ques at confession- and lax Catholicism at church. God is in the detail- not some sketchy outline- when we gain respect for our ancestors who burnt heretics at the stake- perhaps we realize how important the immortal soul is- we only have one- while our body will be replaced after death.

I don't advocate burning anyone- that only can happen when a just Authority asks for it- and usually when that is that in charge of the land- and I don't say it is any solution- my real point is that we need to clearly preach our religion- to read the bible and catechism as a family at night- and to debate like anything about our beliefs- until such time as we promoted the faith boldly- and decide- not to spare the nation of our values- but to cement them in law- and in vocal objections to immorality- with insistence not to permit evil people to get away with public scandal-

Until we choose to rise as one- and rid our land of the yoke of ignorance- we will continue to hell preaching the secular humanist Philosophy - "don't judge- forgive", rather than the Catholic one- "forgive your brother 77 times a day if he truly repents and asks genuinely for forgiveness- otherwise- treat those who offend against the church- those who call themselves Christians- but aren't- as foreigners..."

Now we treat these people with love- but the bible shows that sometimes love is to tell them they are in sin- and to encourage change by any means possible... Of course- due to business needs and other things- and the nature of the world- we do need to associate with these people- but it does not mean we neglect judging- and truly letting them know the requirements for their salvation!

The Church Militant exists to preach the gospel- to administer the Sacraments- and to manifest glory and bring its members their due.

Judge not the church with the world's eyes- judge the world as the spiritual man- who the bible says "judges all things!", especially within the church!

Prayers to prevent Abortion Bill- Australia- Fides

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; Agenzia Fides)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The Archbishop Denis Hart of Melbourne has sent a request for prayer to Catholic citizens in Melbourne- to combat an abortion bill- similar to those present in South Africa- which would force hospitals to partake in abortion- and be excommunicated from our church, or break the law. A third of births in the region are delivered by Catholic health care- and this follows announcements by the Archbishop that if the bill passes through successfully- the Catholic hospitals will close their maternity wards to not partake in this grievous, scandalous sin- proposed in legislation.

The Archbishop has set up a "Day of Intercession for Life," (Sunday, October 5, 2008), including a vigil at the Saint Patrick's Cathedral- for those planning to pray against this.

Indian Bishops on Persecution- AsiaNews.IT

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa;

The Following article is used with permission. While most of our articles are freely distributable by those supporting our causes- so far as this distribution is not for prophet, or is reqested in writing- the following may not be distributed without prior permission from, who have permitted us to place this here.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Condoms could increase disease- percentage goes up with awareness/"protection program"

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; Catholic League - For Civil And Religious Rights)
Article By Marc Aupiais
Quotation from Catholic League

Direct Quotation from a Catholic League Article- they permit their articles to be distributed with correct attribution!
"September 18, 2008

Do Condoms Increase STDs?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office yesterday released the annual Mayor’s Management Report. It shows that the Health Department gave away 39,070,000 male condoms to community groups in fiscal year 2008, which ended June 30. News story are reporting that this figure is more than double the rate from the previous fiscal year.

What is not being discussed by the media, however, is what the data show regarding the incidence of syphilis: while the distribution of condoms increased by 120 percent in one year, the number of syphilis cases increased by 20 percent.

If condoms are the answer to STDs, then syphilis cases should have declined markedly. The fact that syphilis cases spiked should prove sobering. But, alas, New York City has learned absolutely nothing: next year it plans to distribute 51.6 million condoms. Watch for the rate of STDs to increase as well.

Do condoms increase STDs? It would be difficult to prove that they do, though it is entirely possible that the promiscuous distribution of condoms by government agencies fosters a climate of complacency, one ill-suited to inducing the virtue of self-restraint. One thing is for sure: condom distribution does not curb STDs. Indeed, Mayor Bloomberg is perpetuating a dangerous hoax on young people by ratcheting up condom distribution—even when it is crystal clear that this policy is backfiring."

How is it, that South Africa, with the biggest pro-condom program I know of- has one of the highest aids and Sexual Diseases rates- perhaps this is because condoms- as the bible says (c.f. Onan's death; Deuteronomy 23 v 1,2; etc)and the Church says (Humane Vitae), condoms are evil- the use of them is a mortal sin- so perhaps what is evil causes evil as is to be expected. After all- forming the atmosphere of false safety that people do- or teaching children to wear condoms instead of abstaining- generally makes them think they've been given a licence- especially when you give them certificates for it.

Perhaps we need an end of this condom distribution, a start of valuing marriage, and a real input into giving out medication- not items of sin!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Anti-abortion prayers started yesterday

(c.f. 40 Days for life)

A campaign to end abortion via prayer rituals for 40 days outside abortion clinics across states in the US has been launched.

"40 Days for Life is a focused pro-life campaign with a vision to access God’s power through prayer, fasting, and peaceful vigil to end abortion in America." says their mission statement

It started yesterday.

UN's Developed World chooses not to focuss on development goals- Vatican

"(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Zenit)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The Holy See is asking why the developed world's US is prepared to put 700 billion US Dollars into supporting their own failed banking sector- rather- while only giving tricklings of aid to the developed world. "...

click link to read on

South Africa's new president- no general election!

(Scripturelink Voters guide; c.f. E News Channel)

Article By Marc Aupiais

With a quarter of Parliament voting for the DA's candidate over the ANC's, and an oddly chummy atmosphere given by the MF and IFP- towards the ANC over the past few days- the ANC has gotten their way with a new president.

The PAC used this to appeal to get some of their members out of jail- while some opposition parties used this to cannibalize on their fellows for ANC approval.

The way in which the ID allied with the ANC in the past against the DA- was not overly present today- rather- they brought attention to the facts- and asked for justice over the arms deal. The DA- using their Democratic right sent forth their own, black candidate to combat the election- where 400 people alone got to choose our president. The spunk of the opposition is to admired- sadly many of the parties, including the so-called ACDP- seemed more interested in praying for the new "President" to have wisdom, or in telling stories than in bringing up how irregularly this procedure occurred. Some brought up that Mbeki was being fired- not for being guilty of crime- but for mere insinuation by a judge not judging him.

The factional infighting of the ANC- which is so damaging our Nation's image was credited by some for this quick election.

With many spoiled papers and absent parliamentarians- this new election is truly a sad manifestation of both the power of one political party- one which a Catholic cannot justly vote for- due to their connection with the communist party and support of abortion- but also of how politics have degraded our nation.

The speaker and others insulted some speakers as I watched- and when one parliamentarian spoke- there were false roaring sounds in the crowd of parliamentarians. This reminds one of the disrespect shown once when a DA parliamentarian took the role of speaker- and was insulted for her attire, and disrespected quite shamefully.

Sadly- as long as one party has such majority- South Africans are not likely to see much progress- because a powerful party is not accountable to its voters.

Persecution of Christians in India continues... Authorities gag nuns

(c.f. Vultus Christi;

Article by Marc Aupiais

While militant groups continue unopposed, and not denounced- to ravage Indian Christian populants- threatening violence- unless they sign that they have freely and of their own will converted to Hinduism- the Indian Government has gaged the Sisters of Charity (Mother Theressa's organization) from speaking of their recent arrest by Police on trumped up kidnapping charges. While their persecutors are marching to the streets against them- they themselves have been silenced- as the Indian government continues to deny armed protection to those suffering these terrorist mops' attacks on Christians. Christian refugee camps- still are not protected- and Christians are still being killed- their houses burnt, and their hair shaved off.

These brutish attacks on human dignity continue to be unopposed in the UN, whose involvement in legislature to try force contraception and abortion on the Philippines, along with an abortion company - is still questionable.

Those who do "convert" are forced to burn others houses- and where authorities are paying for the goods of burnt houses- the mobs now simply take the furniture and refurbishments- so as to prevent recovery of damage!

Mother Theressa protected the poor- these terrorists, without great opposition- are trying to take all wealth from her fruits- and to destroy their salvation in Christ, and their human rights!

What Peter had to eat? Prophesy and the church!

( c.f. Karl Keating Newsletter sept 23)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Saint Peter is Famous for being told to eat unclean food on a sheet- by God- and being told he was wrong to call it unclean.

The notable thing is not that God calls all unclean- or clean- he doesn't- acts 15 proves this- but that he shall determine that- not Peter- but Peter's authority in this is instantly accepted by all the important Christians he speaks with on this.

Karls point, unlike my own- is not on Peter though- but his belief that Cornellius has a more important conversion than that of Saint Paul- as he opened the way for us Gentiles to receive Christ! The fulfillment of Isaac's prophesy- when he appears to lie to Abraham about being firstborn!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Injustice always a concern

Commentary by Marc Aupiais

What people sometimes do not comprehend- is that since God took human form- every injustice- however small- whether against a Catholic or not matters- whether or not the victim cares.

When evil is fighting itself- if it is left to this- will not the worse evil benefit- in that when evil is divided- either it is between less and worse evil- or else between strong and weak.

It is always in the interest of the prudent Catholic to ensure justice in Natural Law occurs- in that an environment of injustice- where life is not treated justly is the open doorway to the persecution of good by evil- and the training ground in which this first occurs.

Why Catholic media needs support- and the fight for truth

commentary by Marc Aupiais

So often- we see it- things we know as true- portrayed otherwise- and more- people mimic what they see and hear.

With so much bad- it is learnt of others- with so much good- we must refine it.

The weapon we are given is dynamic- but stable- to the untrained- it is deadly and like a whip or many martial weapons- it can hurt us more than it hurts others if not wielded adequately.

The Catholic is a master of truth- or rather- a conduit for Her power-

When we see any form of media- what is said has slight hinting- which alters us if we allow alteration- our social conscience is molded by what we see- and we sense this if we view different media with different persons- not only is truth objective- but the viewer is oft influenced by experience- and ideals of others.

To influence for good- we must fight for truth in every nook and cranny- and through every inch of time- we must secretly conquer the enemy-

Christians must become the creative minority they were born to become-

the Spartan Warriors- who are like calm masters of form- who control themselves first- and let their form be molded by intuitive truth- and the urge for reality- we must open ourselves to sorrow and joy- so that in both- hope is blown into existence in this storm of our existence.

What is instilled in the home- is so powerful- and we must fight this battle to our last breath- what is instilled by others also has impact- yet in even the nuances of speech- of medias- we must fight for the value of life- and of existence and of seeing reality as it is.

Those who fight the small battles for truth- often are able to fight titanic monstrosities- all the while swirling truth about as a hidden weapon- and springing like a tiger, or wild animal- with that energy below the visible boundary- so as to teach truth- and dispel falsity and false world-view.

Our world-view is the front on which our soul is won- this is what we mean when we say faith saves- the correct view of reality- is paramount to navigating this ocean we find ourselves barely visible against- as we sail the impossibility of the hurricane of life.

We must protect this- and mold it- so as to better channel the saints triumphant- and our God- Reality (a Translation of the Tetragrammaton)- who is truth himself, whose strands we rely on to lift us and move us in our floating dance of truth!

Sanity and the divine pursuit of Orthodoxy

Article by Marc Aupiais

When we speak of Orthodoxy- often we actually mean fidelity- or else remaining within an organization's party line.

We sometimes also believe the Orthodox way- to refer to the better, or true, or historic means of doing something!

But what is Orthodoxy? It is not the go-between between liberalism and conservatism, nor liberalism and traditionalism- neither is it traditionalism, conservatism or liberalism- each of which periodically changes meaning.

Orthodoxy- cannot be subjected to any one viewpoint- yet- it often refers to what a viewpoint believes as true.

In truth- orthodoxy is the pursuit of truth above all- and the determination to obey this truth utterly- the problem then is how one defines truth.

If truth is what an organization, or consensus says it is- then Orthodoxy is perhaps fidelity to that Organization- otherwise- Orthodoxy is fidelity to Reality- to the pursuit of manifesting to the world what is as it is.

Ultimately- the early Christians were killed for being what society saw as insane- they preached that someone recently alive had risen from a horrid death- had eaten on rising, and could be eaten body and soul in the Eucharist, and survived- and would spare or condemn us all for our single smallest thoughts- and lifestyle- more than that- that this person was God himself- and gives ceremonies to people- which could free them from bad lifestyles.

For this- they were whipped, slaughtered and martyred. Even they admitted they appeared insane- "foolish" (Saint Paul) to all apposing them!

Those who were martyred, believed it was the most sane course of action- they were loyal to their view of truth- to their take on sanity- and for this utter pursuit- show that they absolutely believed what they taught.

Those who use words like liberty- use a word referring to freedom- therefore- whenever the status quot changes- that which is more liberal changes- and also that which is more traditional or conservative.

Orthodoxy- the form given by God- is the pursuit of truth with all our soul, and body- and manifestation of this in obedience to sanity in truth in every moment of existence.

True Orthodoxy is the pursuit of truth above all else- not scientific truth- nor philosophical truth- but rather truth itself- which manifest so often in the intuitive!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Indian Catholics under persecution- international community remains silent

( c.f. Zenit news, Vatican Radio, EWTN)
article by Marc Aupiais

The Indian government- and international community, especially Europe have been called upon to do more for the Christian communities in India, facing waves of mass violence- and who have been forced to flee to camps- under Hindu Extremist attacks. This includes the arrests of "sisters of charity" nuns- based on charges which proved false- by local authorities- and other events.

The Sisters of Charity are founded by Mother Theressa- and are known more for their charitible works than for evangelism-

The thousands of Christian homes and buildings burnt to the ground of late- are testimony to the sickening silence of the press on this issue- once again the international community is silent as a tactical genocide is being conducted.

Analysts believe the attacks could spread to Europe and other nations unless some action is taken!

South African Catholics need to pray for their own protection and that of Indian Christians- silence always aids the oppressor-

Whenever one is witness to persecution of Christians- or Catholics, or caimpaigns of disinformation as in India- it is the duty of the Catholic to stand firm- as Saint Paul writes in the Bible- "The spiritual man judges all things"-

We must not remain silent in this- or in any persecution of our faith!

Pope- bishops must be Holy

(c.f. Zenit news)Today the pope addressed many bishops- saying that if they desire to create fruit of salvation- they must live holy lives- seeking sanctity!

Friday, September 19, 2008

How to reconcile what is taught with what we believe- or how to clarify if another is not to be saying as they are!

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa )As a watchdog organization, and myself as a lay Catholic Theologian, and apologist- I often deal with persons scandalized because on decisions by bishops, or the church- which they dissagree with.

As we grow in faith- there are some ways to retain it when you disagree with doctrines.
Further- we must know that either there is a misunderstanding or an error- truth does not contradict truth.

And we must never be at odds with the magisterium- for this is schism or heresy- but must always seek the truth to have a foundation to faith and love!

1) We should seek to understand Mother Church's thinking- perhaps her experts see what we don't- have we never been wrong before- perhaps we should change our view and not her servants. Of course there are persons who teach heresy and this is wrong, but shown as not a disproof of truth- by Jesus choosing Judas as an apostle!
2)People are human- make mistakes, and are misunderstood- these could be enough to help us.

3) Talk to someone- always consider help from within the church- have you considered talking to Opus Dei or a parish priest- ask for an hour's spiritual guidance- at least one of the many in the area should give it.

4) Pray about it- ask for guidance- and God's will in both your lives- and determine to begin prayers for the salvation of those leading in the church- and their aid in the Spirit of our Lord.

5) Consider a second opinion- and perhaps attempt to save the person in the wrong- or prevent them from further damage!

Remember- mother church is a teacher-

We may not agree with her- but as our 2000 year old mother- she has got wisdom- even as parts of her go astray.

Recommended reading- acts 15, acts 5 verse 4.

See how in both cases- a human authority is acting validly in God's name-

this Authority is our beloved church!


Heresy watch- how to spot bad doctrine- even from bishops, and why sometimes the heirachi errs!

Now, we know that the magisterium of the church speaks from God- but that the individual bishops do not divinely preach the faith- but rather are trained to be good judges of heresy.

Unfortunately- many bishops- the heirs of Arius, and Eusebus- choose to front ideas not from inside the church- but from their culture and society.

Politics makes this worse- people are told to attend protestant churches, or not to put their moral code on others- or not to judge in any circumstance- or to forgive without justice or repentance-

So, how do we attempt to save our beloved church from such-

from an environment where Orthodoxy is often punished,
and separatist groups sometimes grow faster than the church?

The answer firstly is to focus on yourself!

If the litergy is abused- make sure this is in no way your sin.
If you read something from a church authority- judge it according to what you are accustomed to hearing from a bishop, and try to find what the source of this information is.

Is it the infallible Magisterium, or a bishop's personal opinion.

Opinion is oft unfortunately disguised as dogma- books like the "Modern Catholic Encyclopedia", carrying imprimatur often attack the teachings of the magisterium- this particular book's one author attacks the divinity of Christ.

Another popular book to be sold by Catholic bookstores is "a concise history of the church", it claims to be more conserative- but its statements about confession fall under the anathemas of Trent, and it often misrepresents information.

Other heirachical structures say that all religions are equal- and we must not judge or preach to those of other faiths- or must keep away from making laws in accordance with our morality.

Simply put- those things which come from the Traditions we are told in the bible to always hold to, those who hold to what we heard in the start- are those who are not pruned off of the vine, which is Christ.

When listening to a priest, confessor, bishop, diocesan official-

Be realistic- they are as likely to fall into heresy as any person here-
They are better trained at times, though often Seminary can be the source of their problems- rather - look into the backing of what they say- see where in the magisterium and tradition their words corrolate-

If you cannot find a correlation, but only a rough meaning they wrongly believe to be the "spirit" of works, like the spirit of a crowd, then discount their statement, and look into what the truth is- further- try to aid your fellows in this truth.

Unfortunately two things often occur- firstly, the best of speakers are misquoted, or misunderstood- or speak in a specific context.

Secondly- some bishops and priests and deacons and laymen believe they have a grasp of Catholicism, but without the true Reality of it within- and so front what their culture tells them to, or what that more radical teacher at seminary said.

With both- discussion of your scandal (harm caused by another's sin on a fellow) at this- may either clarify the issue, or save your fellows from the heresy of but one small section of the church- acting in isolation from truth.

Now- a small amount of good in an evil organization has an evil effect- in justifying and maintaining the evil, but a small amount of evil in a good organization- while it should be cleaved off- does not always affect the working of the whole- and it is God who works in the Divine Magisterium, and in the Sacraments- the mortal state of the worker of these- is not needed to be safe for them to work.

As even the Early church said- the feet are not to be the head of the church-
yet, the bishops will have to answer for how they pruned the flock of God.

It is those guilty of sin, or who are silent about this- who partake fully in it.

Admittadly the Church, in western society- has in some places a deadly cancer-

But organizations like Opus Dei, and like internet apolostates, and the Vatican website- are there- but we must not rely on others solely to grow us- we must ourselves research the truth, even as the inspiring Catechism of Baltemore- tells us to!

-Marc Aupiais

South African Catholic

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